Macklemore Addresses Black Lives Matter, Cultural Appropriation & White Supremacy On “White Privilege II” (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Seattle native Macklemore has faced backlash from some Hip Hop fans arguing the white rapper has appropriated black culture for his own personal gain. Even with that critique hanging over him, Macklemore has still spoken out against systemic racism and acknowledged having advantages in life because of his race.

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His 2005 album The Language of My World contained a song titled “White Privilege” where Macklemore rapped about the differences between the way he is treated as a Caucasian versus the treatment of African-Americans.

Mack and his musical partner Ryan Lewis have revisited that same theme on “White Privilege II.” The new single specifically addresses the Black Lives Matter movement, claims of cultural appropriation by himself, Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea, and the impact of white supremacy on American society.

Macklemore wrote on his website:

This song is the outcome of an ongoing dialogue with musicians, activists, and teachers within our community in Seattle and beyond. Their work and engagement was essential to the creative process.

As a company (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis LLC), we are committed to a long-term investment of our time, resources, finances and creative capacities towards supporting black-led organizing and anti-racist education & discourse.

In dialogue with our community partners and advisers, we will continue to find ways in which we can leverage our platform and network towards strengthening the work of organizers and initiatives framed by genuine racial and social equity. We recognize that there are no easy answers, any one piece of legislation, or quick fix to undo institutional racism in our country. We wish to support direct organizing and be led by the expertise and experience of those on the front lines as we proceed.

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Listen to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “White Privilege II” featuring Jamila Woods below.

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62 Responses to “Macklemore Addresses Black Lives Matter, Cultural Appropriation & White Supremacy On “White Privilege II” (AUDIO)”

  1. Dope

    Now let me get my popcorn and watch as the comments split between ”He just wants to be accepted” and ”He’s stealing black culture”… only a few on sites like AHH will let him win with a song like this.

  2. Idiocracy

    Damn.,, salute to this guy! He kept it 100..,the thing about him. He ain’t trying to sound like nobody, all his music, he ain’t on no slim Jesus or iggy sh!t for that matter

  3. Papi Peligro

    WHAT’S WHITE PRIVILEGE IF A BLACK PERSON MADE THIS SONG they would get No Coverage. Only Macklemore can get this on the Radio. Same with all the soul singers. No D’Angelo on the radio but everybody trying to sound like D’Angelo on the radio. We pidgeon held to ignorance. Fetti Wap We gone save that money about the only thing different we can do.

    • Q.

      I think that’s “pigeon-holed,” my g. But that’s a great point–they pigeon-hole us deliberately… they’ll take a socially conscious peace-loving Macklemore and juxtapose him with these degenerate azzhole rappers just to make Mack shine brighter. No fault of Mack’s–he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. The thing is, they won’t put promote Black socially conscious rappers (Cole and K. are minor EXCEPTIONS), yet open the airwaves to all the ratchet sh!t which poisons and dulls the youth. Fvcking Fetty Wap makes Macklemore look like Chuck D, in comparison. It’s a total psyche game. TPTB uses everybody as pawns to engineer a result. #CHESSNOTCHECKERS

  4. that dude

    Dope song. A lot of truth’s in there. Wait, this song came out in 2005? I kinda thought this shit dropped last night, Jan 21, 2016?

  5. Markus

    I hate 21st century rap. No substance, no message,no soul. Dude made point after valid point. And the rappers at the front of the line make records about every negative aspect of life. So Macklemore proves once again after marching for unarmed kids being shot by police and paying homage to the music featuring hip-hop pioneers in his video that either he’s an excellent con man or he actually gets it.

    • Brindle

      CON MAN… funny looking people have no choice but to do what the rest of us will accept. he found a nitch after that pro-homo song he did… if everyone disagreed with him he’d fold…

    • hoeyuno

      I think dude genuinely gives a shyt about peoples..I hated dude when he came out but he’s grown on me. I may have to download a song or two..haha

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      didn’t read it , but if he said nothing about the Millions of you getting away with Showing yourselfes molesting babys , then he’s another helping you succeed at deflection

      • Casor_Greener

        man shut yo hatemongering punk ass up. I saw ya little comment oyu left for me chump, knew you was a loser then

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        proving you another one who mom shit out dummys with nothing to say

  6. Freedom Fighter

    He is the right guy to speak on it, he’s doing the right thing. You do not have to like his style of music to support his message

  7. hoeyuno

    I don’t mind macklemore and the first couple versus were dope but there is nothing more lame then a white man apologizing for his “white Privilege”
    Since a lot of this is about employment opportunities there is only one way to level the playing field. If your really sorry white people get the word Fu*k, C*nt or Thug Life tattoed on your forehead. That way everyone is looked at as a equal in job interviews. Its only right white people. Show that you care!!

      • Mrs. Davis804

        If they believed our lives had quality after reconstruction, life just might have been a little bit easier. But you can’t put the cart before the horse, so therefore you know it wasn’t the plan.

  8. Anthony Mason

    I don’t like his music because I think it is corny but I like his attitude and message….

    He is doing more than many black counterparts to take a side and stand up. I think he likes black people and feels like s*** that this stuff is going on….

    Otherwise…..he could be Eminem sleeping in his huge mansion like a recluse or Mac miller getting high who knows where. Both doing nothing about any of this stuff….

    • Eli Pinilla

      Agreed 1000%. But to be fair to Eminem, he talked about this kind of stuff in the past. White America and till I callapse come to mind. He attacked white privilege in his own way; kinda exposed it from the white trash I’m feeling the hate too side.

    • RichFromBX

      umm, Em sleeping in is huge mansion???? Em has helped make people millionaires and put them in a position to make other people millionaires…he just doesn’t walking around with racial merit badges like this fool is trying to do. Mac Miller is doing the same ish as Em…he’s helping create opportunities but doesn’t run around like he’s a hero.

      You feel bad, then do something, this b!tch is trying to create nothing more than just a buzz for himself…if you remove the apologizes for white people and love of gays exactly what is this fool really famous for??? classic hip hop, a great lyricist????

      • Anthony Mason

        Mackelmore is a beast on the mic….

        Syyyyykkkeeeee!!!!! Lol. His music does blow. When my little sister was into the thrift shop song and downloaded it and jammed out to it I was like…..Oh hell naw!!!

        Hey even if he is disingenuous and doing it for business at least he knows how to craft a clean public image that won’t kill his record sales….

  9. Black Jay Supreme

    Isn’t it a f*cking shame when Macklemore has more heart and balls to tackle social issues than your favorite Black rapper? F*cking cowards make me want to vomit. Granted, only Macklemore could use his white privilege to make this record, but Kanye, Nicki, Jigga and Dr. Dre need to vomit in their soup for their cowardice. Props to Macklemore for even having the balls to address this sh*t. I still don’t like his music though….

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      hey i dont even look @ it like that … i just give dude kudos and smh @ people wondering why he cuts thru … yeah his skin color give him certain privledges but its not a guarantee … go ask bubba sparks whitey vanilla ice and countless other white hip hop artist ….. quality and being able to speak truth is what cuts thru … macklemoore is on top of it …..

  10. RichFromBX

    the Devil in an Apologist’s Clothing…that should be the title of his next album. Remember, this is the guy who ran around dressed as a jewish person performing “Thrift Shop”…would y’all be so behind him if he dressed up in black face singing some ” BBQ Reunion”

      • Pimp Pyschology

        Yeah even my white professor said Asians were the first people to observe magnetism in nature, SUPPOSEDLY, but Europeans took credit it the discovery in their history books. History is told from a Eurocentric perspective in America and Stacy Dash said we should eliminate Black History month.

      • Chill my Brothers

        Because nobody ever saw a thunderstorm before that (sarcasm)… It was actually Benjamin Franklin (an American) who harnessed the awesome power of electricity. That made the slaves completely obsolete, and that’s why they were freed.

      • Pimp Pyschology

        yeah right. slaves were freed because white people turned on each other. they wanted to count slaves as votes and the north wasn’t having it. the south said that they want out. the slaves ran away and joined the north and killed a bunch of racist white people. had nothing to do with electricity. electricity made it so YOU didn’t have to pick cotton. and slavery still exist in america’s prisons read the constitution why don’t you. there are more slaves in prison than during slavery.

      • Chill my Brothers

        They’re criminals if they’re in prison, not slaves..

        You’re telling history from an afrocentric point of view, and I’m Irish, we were the nigg3rs of the north in case you weren’t aware. We Irish were still persecuted 100 years after slaves were freed, but you don’t hear me crying about it. It was actually a blessing because after a thousand years of persecution (including by the English) we became tough as nails.

        Your ancestors broke their backs, and became athletically superior because of it. Nothing will change history, but you can at least look at it from an optimistic point of view. Guilting white college kids who never owned slaves is real low, these kids didn’t do anything so why do they owe you something?

      • Pimp Pyschology

        You racist saying I can’t HARNESS electricity because it is white culture. I am free to harness electricity just like anyone else whether you like it or not. You do not control me I do not need you.

      • Chill my Brothers

        Then I’m free to appropriate black culture, you hypocritical racist.

      • Pimp Pyschology

        I am racist so what. You are racist too. You award white rap artist just because they are white rappers when they really suck at rapping.

  11. Anthony Mason

    What is written in history books about electricity is not exactly accurate so arguing about who did what first is a silly idea…

    Instead of that waste of brainpower and time….Do some in-depth research on Tesla…

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