Tyga Addresses Rumors Of Texting An Underage Girl & Dating A Transgender Actress (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) California rapper Tyga has been caught in numerous rumors over the last year. There was the transgender actress Mia Isabella claiming she was once in a relationship with Tyga, and 14-year-old singer Molly O’Malia accused Tyga of making her “uncomfortable” by texting her.

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The creator of the recently released Rawwest N*gga Alive mixtape stopped by Streetz 94.5, and he was asked about all the tabloid stories surrounding him. Tyga first addressed the O’Malia situation.

“That girl that said she was 14 – I feel like when you’re on social media, a lot of people are models, singers, artists trying to get discovered,” said Tyga. “It was like, ‘Damn, you can’t talk to a person or give a person a break. That’s what I thought was kind of crazy. It was nothing to hide. That’s why I put the texts out to let people know.”

Host Jazzy McBee then asked Tyga about the stories he was dating Isabella. Again, the Young Money affiliate fought back against the accusations.

“I didn’t even know at one point. I’m like, ‘Damn, you’re making this sh*t up.’ Somebody really got something against me up top somewhere,” suggested Tyga.

He added, “You just brush the sh*t off. It’s a new story every day. At the end of the day, I’m living my life, and the people around me know what’s real and know how I move.”

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Watch Tyga’s interview below.

  • Markus

    There is somebody who’s trying to ruin Tyga’s career. Tyga.

    • NYComicBookGuy

      LMAO! DEAD!

      • WeakSauce

        I concur! lmao

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  • Q.

    I knew that white girl was fulla sh!t as soon as she held that crocodile tear press conference with that scum-sucking ambulance-chaser, Gloria Allred. But Tygger is too dumb to see the bigger picture, how they could easily jam him up based on his past with the little Kardashian hoe.

    • ZUBU

      “how they could easily jam him up based on his past with the little Kardashian hoe”
      Exactly he is suspect because he has shown that he will play with minors, not only did he date her he was kicking it with her friends her age…. SMH..

      • Silent_Partner

        Tyga is a known cokehead in the industry who puts a lot of people on with good drugs when they come to LA. Why do you think people who should never be seen with a Z-list rapper on the same level with a Young Berg or something has so many industry friends? Oh, and he definitely likes the transsexuals just like his angry friend, CB. They better go get checked because that one he just happens to have text messages, dick pics, and all this other stuff that someone you don’t know intimately shouldn’t have was linked to HIV-positive Charlie Sheen, and from CDC class, the quickest way to pass that on is through the anus.

      • Anthony Mason

        Lmao!!! These Hollywood niggas are wild. Gucci hit black Chyna and Tyga said everyone knows Gucci has HIV. And Tyga hit it again like…..what guys? Why the weird looks??? Lmao!!!

      • Silent_Partner

        Yep, fools do anything for a come up. Anytime I see a person get caught up in that Hollywood shit (and that includes Atlanta and Miami too), I be looking at them sideways because it’s like high school. If you’re in the so called in crowd and revel in being there, you best believe you did some initiation shit to get in.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yup. You have to be blackmailed in…. The more dirt they get against you the faster you rise because you can be trusted to stay in line….

        They (the elite ) need to have your nuts in a vice to trust you to not snitch and expose others….

        Ask Kevin Hart….

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    He didnt do a good job addressing the Transgender Stuff. He kind of avoided it. Meanwhile they got Tet messages and all kinds of Bullshit.

  • Mr. Mike

    Tyga stays taking L’s, now he’s biting the old Death Row logo for his Last Kings label ( which is really nothing BUT a logo on his mixtapes, that dude aint gettin no distribution for that)


    I don’t even listen to this guy, but I respect his manager whoever they are….they keep that boy employed.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      real talk , career like wiz kalifa , one hit wonders who’s manager do a good job of them stayijng employed , picik up a decent collabo song every 5-6 years – 99% of the rest is non-selling garbage

      • STEPH

        Real talk

  • matt meyer lansky

    this dj has no idea whats going down on this planet. hearing her talk about the kardashians like theyre new or some shit. id love to her what she has to say about politics.

  • Trust Me

    Tyga is one weird, pedophile individual. He knows damn well he texted that 14 year old girl, along with the transsexual from last year. He’s already guilty by waiting this long to speak about it now.

  • Anthony Mason

    Rack city b****…. rack rack city b****…/ Tyga is on some straight up I’ll f*** anything as long as they have some titties s*** (lol!) / Texting trannies/ Then it’s out to another free dinner b****…./ Courtesy of the Kardashians/ While his drugged up asian mom is at his rented crib watching his little kid…/ Blac Chyna /How many poles that fat ugly b**** done slid???? Shhheeeeeiiiittttt…..

    Dumb a** Kylie is like….but Mom….why can’t I have Tyga’s kid you stupid b****???!!!!! Uhhh! You are ruining my life mom! (Facepalm)…LMAO!!!!

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