Tyga Addresses Rumors Of Texting An Underage Girl & Dating A Transgender Actress (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) California rapper Tyga has been caught in numerous rumors over the last year. There was the transgender actress Mia Isabella claiming she was once in a relationship with Tyga, and 14-year-old singer Molly O’Malia accused Tyga of making her “uncomfortable” by texting her.

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The creator of the recently released Rawwest N*gga Alive mixtape stopped by Streetz 94.5, and he was asked about all the tabloid stories surrounding him. Tyga first addressed the O’Malia situation.

“That girl that said she was 14 – I feel like when you’re on social media, a lot of people are models, singers, artists trying to get discovered,” said Tyga. “It was like, ‘Damn, you can’t talk to a person or give a person a break. That’s what I thought was kind of crazy. It was nothing to hide. That’s why I put the texts out to let people know.”

Host Jazzy McBee then asked Tyga about the stories he was dating Isabella. Again, the Young Money affiliate fought back against the accusations.

“I didn’t even know at one point. I’m like, ‘Damn, you’re making this sh*t up.’ Somebody really got something against me up top somewhere,” suggested Tyga.

He added, “You just brush the sh*t off. It’s a new story every day. At the end of the day, I’m living my life, and the people around me know what’s real and know how I move.”

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Watch Tyga’s interview below.