Jay Electronica Snaps On 50 Cent, “We Will Slap His Eyes Out His Head”

Why is Jay Electronic tripping? “Outside of cartoons and cereal we don’t know what these lames is talking about,” Jay Electronic said on his Periscope rant.

While we don’t know what prompted this, this was highly entertaining.  Jay wants it to be known that he is a force to be reckoned with and in this Periscope video he goes crazy. Check out what he said about Kendrick, Drake, J Cole, Lupe and others. Of all people, he calls out 50 Cent more than anyone and says, “we’ll slap his f*ckin eye balls loose.”

In addition he says that “Act II” is still alive at that he has like 20 versions of it. He also says he got $3 million for his Into the Light film that is still waiting to be released. He says, “the album is coming” and the record with “Jay-Z is his favorite song” and its yet to be named. Don’t miss the end where he addresses the Ghostface and Action Bronson beef. This is epic!

On 50 Cent:


50 cent at one point he was a good rapper but right now he’s got the potential to be a good rapper but he’s on some sucker sh*t and we’ll slap his f*ckin eye balls loose, we’ll slap 50 Cent’s eye balls loose out his skull.

On Kendrick:

“You could pay Kendrick a million dollars. Kendrick would tell you his self he couldn’t body me, Kendrick is my son, Kendrick is my baby, Kendrick wishes he could be me”

On Drake:
“Drake is solid”…. “Don’t say f*ck Frake, Drake is our brother. Drake is a Asiatic Black man and that’s our family.  Do we listen to Drake? We f*ck with Drake, dont get us wrong. Drake is a Toronto n*gga, we fuck with Toronto.  Drake grew up with a Jewish neighborhood, went to Hebrew school and all that. Had a Barmixtzfah, Backstreet boys and all that, but we still fuck with Drake because he still makes good music, so we fucks with Drake.

“Drake didn’t say that he’s Hov, Drake know he ain’t Hov.”

On Lupe Fiasco:
Fiasco is one of the real n*ggas, I fuck with Fiasco. Im not saying a real n*gag like a street n*gga, I don’t think he a street n*ga, but he’s a really lyricist so we fuck with Fiasco.

On J Cole:
J Cole is family, stop trying to be decisive, J Cole is my family.

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  • Shane

    Jay wildin’

  • Nightmare

    Put a project out, then come back and holla.✌🏾️

    • Anthony Mason

      Haha real talk!!! He is so scared to not live up to his own hype. He gassed himself up too early instead of DOING….

      All the greats I know of know how to deliver that potent product and promote it and then STFU and see how people like it. This nigga acts like he flys spaceships to the club and makes his own sushi. Lmao!!!!!

  • 412VC on Twitter

    50s comin. I like Jay too.

  • THISIS50

    Shut up



      • THISIS50

        FIX YA FACE

  • Keyser Soze

    I respect Jay… He one of the best niggas to spit.. Ever… Say what you feel my Nigga… This is hip-hop… Then he talking about top spitters at that… And he still a N.O. nigga@the end of the day sooooo… I’m not surprised he talking reckless lol…💯

    • therealjjohnson

      Based on what though? Where’s the music? Mixtapes from 2005/06? 4 verses He’s released semi recently? Best ever…hardly.

  • bigdoe6

    After that verse he did on Curren$y Pilot Talk album, I gave up on this clown. Get off Jay sack and put in some work homie.

  • Aiden_Abetting

    He’s definitely on drugs.

  • Mack

    Sean Price’s verse on the remix to Roc Marciano’s Snow alone record bodies Electronica’s overhyped style. Dissing Kendrick? What, didn’t your Rotschild condone real rap when she heard it? And come on now, Drake isn’t some five percenter… Just a privileged light-skinned Carlton Banks.

    • Anthony Mason

      I can’t take this guy serious anymore. He is not pulling his weight…

  • Juleo478

    Aight this the guy that puts out a song every 5 years. I used to bump his music but he is way to inconsistent.

  • Ahhhhh sh*t…. It looks like Jay Electronica is a little sore from getting bodied by Kendrick on that Control verse. Kendrick is dope but I think he will definitely have a formidable opponent in Jay Electronica. Jay E can straight up spit. But it seems like Jay E is playing politics too. N*gga you like Drake? I guess he knows who to go to for touring dollars. I’m sure Jigga is going to have a conversation about this with Jay E. He played everything he was saying by admitting Jewish fandom right there. But….. None of this means sh*t if he doesn’t drop an album. Nothing!

  • therealjjohnson

    Yawn. Either shit or get off the pot. We tired of hearing from you (not in song form) about how much greater you are than everybody. You mentioning people with platinum records and you have failed to release anything. You won’t even put out a mixtape. Listen brother, we just don’t believe you.

  • Eric Childs

    5%ers are so retarded

    • DJ7

      Care to elaborate?⏯

      • Papi Peligro

        Asiatic black man? Isnt founded in science or history. Africans like much the world until Charlamagne were pagans not Jews, Not until the Ottoman turks and Collonialism did Africans become Christian and Muslim. Even Europeans were sold into slavery to the Turks because they were pagans. Wiccans is Anamism pagan religion. Most Asiatics follow a pagan religion with roots from Africa but its not Jewish in Origin Hinduism is pagan religion. Roots in anamism. 5% sleeps on even the black man since we make up more of the earths population than that. Particularly if you start taking in the percentages. Moors are not just black. Hitler was a Moorish Jew. People in North Africa come in all kinds of shades but are not Predominantly subsaharan black africans. With all the fights in Libya how many looked Jay E. Now go to subsaharan Africa. It doesnt even pass the eye test, 5% are ashamed of there real history so they invented one to be more glamorous. African Traditional Religion, Celts, Voodoo, Hinduism, and Native Americans all practiced anamism. You know what religions the slaves practiced by looking at the religions they gave the Caribbean, Santeria, voodoo thats not Jewish.Thats Diametrically opposed to Judaism so the premise is stupid. No traditional subsaharan religion has traits of Judaism. They may have had a supreme god but not 1 god. Even Judaism is written on the back of polyistic religion. Ask the Jewish encyclopedia to explain to you what Yahweh of Host means.

        Six basic principles or “worlds” guide their beliefs:

        Holistic world—the group is more important than the individual.

        Spiritual world—every effect has some spiritual cause. The living and dead are linked. They believe their ancestors play an active role in their day-to-day lives.

        Mythical world—it preserves unity and validates their people group’s unique identity.

        Ritualistic world—all rites of passage are memorized and passed down; this includes things like traditional dances.

        Rhythmic world—governed by the cycles of planting and harvest, wet and dry season, winter and summer.

        Harmonious world—the group reigns over the individual and the highest value is harmony. No one should bring shame upon his house, village or people. This will disrupt the harmony.

        Those Tenets are found in Hindusim, Native America Shamanism, Wiccans, TRADITIONAL African religions.

      • Eric Childs

        Ramblers of nothing. “What’s today’s mathematics” , “Knowledge 120” none of that means anything. The black man being god claim is obviously just some shit to say to you feel good.

      • STEPH

        It doesn’t mean anything to you. People fear what they don’t understand, or just dismiss it as stupid. I don’t know what the shit mean either, but you don’t know what they talking about…just like you don’t understand all gang hand signs and shit, but they do (you can be sitting there chillin with a group of them and all of a sudden they do some of that hand shit, which would go over your head because you don’t know what it means. Next thing you know your getting you ass stomped out) This is a classic case of your on the outside looking in.

      • Eric Childs

        I used to be a 5%er, I know what it all means actually. Which is nothing lol

      • STEPH

        Yeah ok

  • speedy37

    It’s the bean Pie’s lol

  • ?????????

    Gay electronica…

  • Briggs Islam

    Kendrick is better. Jay is just trolling because its not like he’s putting out an album…

  • Real Talk

    Fiddy is a clown, nobody in America takes him seriously

  • so jay e is a racist, sucking asiatic black dick

  • Anthony Mason

    Welp…guess this nigga is drinking heavy again. How are you one of the chosen ones acting like this Jay? I was not born yesterday ….

    He just lost so much clout with me and what little room he had in my mind space….That just frees up more space for niggas who do less flip flopping and more DOING…..

    And take that goofy s*** out your mouth bruh. You are supposed to be grown…

    • JerZeBoy

      amen to that

  • JerZeBoy

    wait isn’t he on “sucker shit” by talkin all this smack like 50 too? once every 2months he goes on a rant

  • Jamal Al-Afghani

    “Asiatic black man”? lmao i am done, This nigga is done stupid. Also, who the hell is this “we” he keeps referring to?

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    talk so much shit and never drop music is lame. Jay Electronica is like the guy from that movie BIG EYES who pretends like they are working all the time and never actually paints anything.

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    dude is giving out dmx smoking crack vibes these days

  • grabo2003

    I dont know j e’s music outside of exhibit c! He should release the album and then we c if it any good then and only then can he say th sucker ish he saying now. Empty heads make the loudest noise.

  • The Notorious GUNS


    Really AHH??

    • Anthony Mason

      Lol because blacks and Jews lol!

  • Papi Peligro

    Man JAY ELECTRONICA had my favorite verse from the time I heard it until now on that Common Kingdom remix. I’m all for your freedom of religion and belief until you start putting down others. I HATE RACIST. No such thing as an Aziatic black man. This ninja isn’t an Aborigine. Cant even pass the Eye test when Gadafi got over thrown how many people in the video like JAY E. How many people below look like jay e

  • Rapfan

    Thanks, this made me laugh. I knew this dude was a fraud all along. He wanted to be Malcolm X, but he sounds more like DMX. I hope one of these guys chops his head off with a diss record and he goes back to being a fake muslim cleric.

    • Anthony Mason

      This nigga is FRAUD….

      I saw it before with him fornicating that married white Rothschild and taking years to drop music. This dude thinks he is godly but NOPE !!!

  • Pretty sure he said “out his scalp.” But sure, make your own quotes up.

  • Anthony Mason

    50 is pacing around at his house gathering information on this nigga. 50 is reading “illuminati” books and all that scratching his head trying out how to snuff this dude. Lmao!!!! 50 is like damn how is this nigga making money and I’m losing it? AAAAHHHH!!!! LOL..


      50 Got more Money than Jay Electronica even after filing for Bankruptcy. This Clown Ass Nigga will never have the CAREER or the STREET CRED or Popularity that 50 Cent Has. He thinks he’ll SLap 50? 50 will Drop this Clown with the Quickness. 50 a Real Street Nigga Jay Electronica seem like he’s trying to use 50’s tactics but he’s barking up the Wrong Tree.

      • i got this

        everybody in this damn thread got more money then this clown!! Jay Electronica was never poppin he a junkie loser

    • Brindle

      Jay got that white girls money, other than that he a struggling artist with his hands out to people who earned money. Jay just gotta quit being scared to drop an album and be judged, leave the coke and camera phones alone, and stop wearing big ass glasses at night.

      • Anthony Mason

        1000% you summed it up….

  • Dope

    So, you release a song and get lucky, people create such high expectations that you chicked out and go incognito for half a decade.. then you notice nobody is talking about you and start talking reckless.. yeah, totally interesting. Both 50 and Kendrick would murder him right now, with a gun and with lyrics respectively.

  • Sinbk Legend

    This nigga always talking shit. .drop a album nigga

  • HugeRocStarDollar$ign

    Put a beat to all this shyt you talkin. only two songs I know from this dude he got out shined by the feature rappers. big sean nd kdot in control & then the one he did when Jay z lyrically slapped miss drizzy around. you suck cuzzo

  • Brindle

    All I get from this is he’s envious of Kendrick position and wants to do a back and forth with 50 on twitter

    • Dubz

      That’s what it sounds like…couldn’t hate on Kdot music so you say he can’t body u…lol

  • Q.




  • Kool510

    The album will drop when the false prophet arrives from Nibiru and welcomed by the pope as the creator of the universe .

    This brother is a prophet .

  • i got this

    this guy is just a weirdo junkie now!!!!

  • Hahahahahahahaha this boy time is over

  • D_Ably

    Someones obviously been lacking attention recently

  • Brindle

    Jay E vs Kendrick…. KDot= still learning and figuring morality and life and sharing it with the masses world wide as he goes to make a changed.. Jay E= read a bunch of books but has no idea what to do with what he’s learned or how to be in the position to make a change. Jay E knows the direction but lacks the heart to lead, KDot is figuring out the direction and has the heart to lead


  • Freedom Fighter

    Always thought this dude was intelligent, he just a dumb racist asshole with 3 underground classic songs not albums … songs. gtfoh

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    I swear i thought 50 was going to respond to JE but it’s about 5 days now and fiddy ain’t done a damn thing… Money problems must be real…

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  • ApricotNapalm

    Real Talk i just heard the 1st J Electronica verse ever after i youtube checked him- Exhibit C….the 1st verse was basic. Basic cadence basic wordplay, nothing special, i didnt even finish listening- about a minute 30 in .hold on

    • ApricotNapalm

      He picked it up -This is a modern day Kool G. im willing to keep listening tho. Reminds me of Papoose. Sounds like a hot head, those that go around making themselves targets, become. He has a mean lane…. but he is under the radar- maybe a 50 beef can bring him out.

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  • stephen

    lyrically…he would slap the eyeballs out of a lot of rappers…….

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