Jay Electronica Snaps On 50 Cent, “We Will Slap His Eyes Out His Head”


Why is Jay Electronic tripping? “Outside of cartoons and cereal we don’t know what these lames is talking about,” Jay Electronic said on his Periscope rant.

While we don’t know what prompted this, this was highly entertaining.  Jay wants it to be known that he is a force to be reckoned with and in this Periscope video he goes crazy. Check out what he said about Kendrick, Drake, J Cole, Lupe and others. Of all people, he calls out 50 Cent more than anyone and says, “we’ll slap his f*ckin eye balls loose.”

In addition he says that “Act II” is still alive at that he has like 20 versions of it. He also says he got $3 million for his Into the Light film that is still waiting to be released. He says, “the album is coming” and the record with “Jay-Z is his favorite song” and its yet to be named. Don’t miss the end where he addresses the Ghostface and Action Bronson beef. This is epic!

On 50 Cent:


50 cent at one point he was a good rapper but right now he’s got the potential to be a good rapper but he’s on some sucker sh*t and we’ll slap his f*ckin eye balls loose, we’ll slap 50 Cent’s eye balls loose out his skull.

On Kendrick:

“You could pay Kendrick a million dollars. Kendrick would tell you his self he couldn’t body me, Kendrick is my son, Kendrick is my baby, Kendrick wishes he could be me”

On Drake:
“Drake is solid”…. “Don’t say f*ck Frake, Drake is our brother. Drake is a Asiatic Black man and that’s our family.  Do we listen to Drake? We f*ck with Drake, dont get us wrong. Drake is a Toronto n*gga, we f### with Toronto.  Drake grew up with a Jewish neighborhood, went to Hebrew school and all that. Had a Barmixtzfah, Backstreet boys and all that, but we still f### with Drake because he still makes good music, so we f#### with Drake.

“Drake didn’t say that he’s Hov, Drake know he ain’t Hov.”

On Lupe Fiasco:
Fiasco is one of the real n*ggas, I f### with Fiasco. Im not saying a real n*gag like a street n*gga, I don’t think he a street n*ga, but he’s a really lyricist so we f### with Fiasco.

On J Cole:
J Cole is family, stop trying to be decisive, J Cole is my family.