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Spike Lee To Black Voters: “Wake Up And Feel The Bern!”

(AllHipHop News) In what is a big coup for Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as he battles fellow Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination, filmmaker Spike Lee has flown the more conservative African American Democratic Party coop by sidestepping establishment and minority favorite Clinton to give Sanders his full endorsement in a radio spot released Tuesday that will air in South Carolina as a part of Sander’s campaign push in that state in preparation for Saturday’s highly contested South Carolina Democratic primary.

To bolster African American trust and support for Sanders, who does not have the automatic recognition and readily available track record that Clinton would seem to have amongst southern black voters due to her past as a key part of the Democratic Clinton family dynasty that includes 42nd President of the United States and former Governor of Arkansas Bill Jefferson Clinton, Lee is using words and themes from his iconic movie “Do The Right Thing,” to get South Carolina blacks to consider feeling “the Bern” in a radio endorsement where Lee echoes phrasing from his fictional character Mister Señor Love Daddy (Samuel L. Jackson) from that same 1989 film: “Wake up, South Carolina. This is your dude, Spike Lee. And I know that you know the system is rigged,” says Lee, as reported by TIME, continuing as per The Washington Post in the radio spot, “Bernie was at the March on Washington with Dr. King. He was arrested in Chicago for protesting segregation in public schools. He fought for wealth and education equality throughout his whole career. No flipping. No flopping.”

Further to the point of Sanders’ allegiances being solidly in line with core causes that have historically held great political cache in not just the Democratic Party but the African American Democratic community, Lee, who publicly endorsed current president Barack Obama in both his 2008 and 2012 campaigns sealed his endorsement with the words that he believes Sanders will “do the right thing,” if elected into office come November.

  • Q.

    What is Bernie Sander’s position on economic reparations for descendants of POWs of the North Atlantic slave trade?

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    • MizzyMel

      You realize that Germany paid the Jews 3 Billion for genocide, in which they were literally exterminated in gas chambers. So let’s say he comes up with an equal number of 3 Billion for POWs of the North Atlantic slave trade, here are a few questions for you to answer.

      1. How do you determine who is a descendant and who isn’t? Only about 65% of African Americans are descendants of Slaves. About 25% of White Americans are also descendants of slaves, particularly black women raped into white over several generations. Not to mention, do we pay for the 1 Million Irish whom England sent into slave labor in the America’s that at one point in time made up 2/3 of the White population.. particularly when after the international slave trade ended in 1807 were then forcefully bred together to create a mixed raced of all black chattel? How do we locate all these descendants, since the vast majority of the rest of the population is descendants of immigrants who arrived after the end of the Civil War and are entitled to nothing.

      2. Assuming we can find all of these people, both black and white who deserve this payment and we split that 3 billion between them, are you aware that that would amount to about 0.35 each?

      Wouldn’t it be better to spend that 3 billion rebuilding the infrastructure of this country, providing jobs, and rebuilding our low income areas in a way that does not lead to gentrification?

      Economic Reparations sounds like a great idea in theory. In practice it’s impossible, and if even made possible, the amount you’d get wouldn’t buy you a cheeseburger at McDonalds. Bernie knows this, and for some reason people are not trying to hear it. Even if you made that 3 billion 30 billion it wouldn’t work out to more than a buck or two.

      • Q.

        1. With today’s technology, genealogy is not difficult to trace. It’s generally visibly evident in this country who are most obviously of African descent. Those who aren’t ostensibly African, and who claim PREDOMINANT American-African descent must be ready to present evidence via blood-testing and/or birth records that they are. If the white Irish choose to stake a claim for reparations, that’s on them. But, for the most part, the Irish have not endured the prolonged. multi-generation, systemic socioeconomic persecution and marginalization that African descendants have–not by a long shot.

        2. Economic reparations are not impossible, in fact, they’re very doable. Native American tribes, the Japanese, and Jewish Holocaust survivors have all received some form of economic reparation from the U.S. gov’t. I’m not sure where you came up with the figure of $3 billion, but that is chump change for the amount slave descendants are owed for building this country…How about a TRILLION for starters? And even that may be lowballing. Reparations don’t have to be issued solely in cash– there are a myriad of ways they can be administered, for example: income tax exemptions for 20-30 years, free college tuition to state universities, land grants, real estate tax exemption, etc.…we can be very creative in the methods of repayment. This would be IN ADDITION to rebuilding infrastructure, ensuring jobs, investing resources into low income areas in ways that do not lead to gentrification.

        i.e. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. “Is there a will to deliver economic restitution to slave descendants for the centuries suffered of disenfranchisement?” is the bigger question. As the supposed champion of racial equality, what is Bernie Sanders’ position on the issue?

      • MizzyMel

        First of all, thank you for a well thought out and respectful response.

        1, While I agree with you there is a lot of technology there, doing this would be cost prohibitive and difficult. Records of this era are a rarity especially for slaves who were often not even given or listed with names on census records. Neither were marriages. Because of the constant break up of families when a child was taken from it’s parents and sold these lines are very difficult to follow. Even for white people tracing lines back that far is difficult, for white people who passed from black, many today would likely not have any clue where they descended from. It’s not exactly documentation they were trying to hold to and wave around. Some Jim Crow laws like the 1 drop rule was in many ways to address the offensiveness (to them) that blacks would pass into white and share water fountains with their former slave owners descendants. In other words, they were not exactly trying to claim their ancestry. Which has left a whole lot of white people utterly ignorant. I remember hearing about a major guy in the KKK turned out he was a decedent of a slave. Visual identification implies simply being black in America includes you in the discussion. It doesn’t. Only about 65% of African Americans in the US are descendants of slaves. Some might even argue that figure is lower. Either way, most will agree if you are not a descendant of a slave you are owed nothing. Demanding a check or special benefits for simply being black in America isn’t going to fly with anyone and will be used to argue against it by those that oppose it. (And some will)

        As for the Irish, actually that’s not necessarily true, though admittedly the persecution of the Irish Catholics has been perpetuated overseas, it still actually does exist. In fact up until 1998 Northern Ireland was under British occupation and bombs were still being set off in a 100 year war that started on Good Friday 1916 which allowed the Republic of Ireland minus 5 counties to free themselves from the British. All of The Troubles reaches back into history of the oppression of the Irish Catholic, and the anger over the Irish Genocide, which dropped the population of Ireland from about 1.5 million to less than 600k in less than a decade. All of them sent to the Americas.

        In terms of American slavery in the beginning they actually had it much worse than their African counterparts because purchasing an Irish slave *cough indentured cough* was much lower than purchasing an African. So often they were killed, this didn’t change until the end of the 1700’s early 1800’s when the International Slave Trade came to an end. Beyond that you could argue that their descendants would be the same because they were bred together like cattle.. so maybe that would negate that, but then doesn’t the English also have to chip in on the payments? Ultimately it began with them, they perpetuated it, and it was their laws. It’s interesting to me when you hear of people getting their DNA checked that traces them back to Africa, like when Nas did it, there’s a trace that takes them to Europe. That’s Ireland.

        So we’re back to determining who is and who isn’t. Something that would likely in and of itself cost trillions, and if we start demanding DNA tests will send ever privacy group into a tizzy about this information being on file big brother and all that jazz.

        And while I agree what occurred in slavery was a horrible thing, so to do I think systematically trying to erase an entire race of people from the world is as well. I can’t say one is worse than the other, nor deserves any more money than the other. Both were and are despicable acts and when I’m tossing numbers out I’m counting them as equally despicable and using numbers that are in the ball park of what was actually given.. Which is likely much less than the Jews felt they deserved. As for the number it was 3 billion marks. I’m not sure what that works out too, but was just tossing numbers. But taking it from the wiki page the agreement amounts to 13,700,000,000 in today dollars.

        And I agree that something should be done. It should at least be acknowledged. But it’s prohibitively expensive just to determine who gets it, and many cases likely impossible. This should have happened a very long time ago, when it wasn’t so impossible to determine. But it wasn’t. These are the cards we are now dealt and have to work with.

        Bernie’s position is to spend billions rebuilding the infrastructure, free college education, rebuilding and funding schools in low income areas and raising wages to a livable wages etc. And while he doesn’t call it that, it’s pretty much how he answers it.. Which admittedly annoys African Americans who I think just want the acknowledgement. It is a frustration of mine with him, but it’s not malicious, it’s him trying to look at it from a different perspective. In truth after emancipation something very troubling happened.. Blacks and whites who were former slaves marked out by their poverty and being uneducated were essentially herded into areas away from the rest of the population. In Ohio they stood at the river with shot guns after thousands of slaves were freed because they didn’t want them to come north and do work for cheap, messing up their economy. In many ways this is what the war was about in the first place, at least for the north. Blacks would flee the south and do the work for cheap and put the white people out of business. If slavery was illegal they would stay put. When Fugitive Slave Act was passed, it became a propaganda talking point that there were so many white slaves in the south the traders were coming to the north and stealing their wives and daughters to sell as concubines in the south. So after emancipation they didn’t want black people there, they tried everything to keep them out. Even to the point of using violence to keep them from doing so. This is when Canada basically opened its borders for former slaves and welcomed them in. Those that remained they enacted laws to confine them to areas away from the rest of the population and over 150 years it hasn’t changed much. Sure the laws are gone, but the same systematic racism exists and so too do the impoverished neighborhoods. So that’s his position. To rebuild the infrastructure, and fix that mess. Nationwide. He doesn’t call it reparations, it’s the right thing to do.

        I do think there should be acknowledgement, maybe even a tax break. But we gotta get over the hurdle of who to give it to. Do we give it to those in Canada? Does the English chip in? I agree something should happen for those descendants, I guess I’m just trying to point out it’s not as clear cut as cut every black person in the US a check. Not if you’re seriously trying to make up for the horrors of the past, to the actual descendants of those who suffered it. I don’t know what the answer is, if I’m honest I don’t think anyone does. I’m not even sure there is a right answer. Thank you for the thoughtful discussion.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Please stop. This is insulting. The whole myth of “White slaves had it just as bad or worse than black slaves” is the saddest, most dishonest, despicable manifestation of white guilt there is. Be clear: there were NO instances of white slaves in America. Ever. Indentured servants? Absolutely. But be clear about what indentured servitude is: in that instance, the “slave” AGREED to servitude for a period of time (usually 7 years), in which they received a small % of their harvest (share-cropping), and were then “freed.” I would like you to site a source of a “white slave” in America actually being kidnapped from their native country, FORCED into servitude, bred like an animal, and have their children be automatic property to the same owner… let alone rape, whipping etc. I’m genuinely curious, so I’m all ears if you could actually provide proof of any of that. I’d also like to see where that 65% number comes from (with a source); even if you add up all of the Africans, Carribbean, and Latin American blacks that have arrived in this country in the last 2 generations, it doesn’t come anywhere near a 1/3 of America’s black population. And that 2nd hand talk about black Americans having a trace of European in their blood; my mom and dad’s families each have run (very expensive) geneology reports for family reunions in the last 15 yrs, and neither of them have any “European” traces… they both go through KS/MO, to Arkansas, to Florida, to Latin America, to West Africa, then to Egypt and Ethiopia specifically. No Irish side-branches, homie. I don’t doubt that the Irish have beef, but their beef is with England, and to say that any European had it just as bad or worse than blacks in America is just dishonest and insulting. No different than saying the Holocaust was “worse” than American slavery because it killed millions; American slavery lasted for 2 centuries, and Jim Crowe lasted a century more… do you have any idea how many millions of black people died during that time (how many thousands didn’t even survive the trip here?), and how many millions more it affected directly through rape, torture, and broken families? You clearly don’t. At no time were the Irish considered 3/5 of a human being, and they didn’t have to wait until 1965 to be considered US citizens worthy of protection under the law (on paper; Tamir Rice would disagree today, if he wasn’t murdered with no recourse just last year) either. Unless you can cite some sources for those “facts” and “numbers”, keep them to yourself.

      • Q.

        You raise valid points regarding the potential challenges of accurately determining who would all be entitled to such reparative benefits. I’m not sure how cost prohibitive such an undertaking would be, but to that I would simply ask, were there any prohibitive difficulties in determining those who were entitled to economic redress in the case of the Native Americans, the Jewish, and the Japanese? Somehow, the gov’t was able to make it work for them–I don’t see why a similar model of economic reparation for Black people in the United States couldn’t be revisited. While the Black population in the U.S. outnumbers the other aforementioned groups, to me economic remedy is less a matter of logistics and more of a matter of social/political will. It’s almost laughable to think that in a society where so many millions have suffered discrimination based on racial appearance, that there would be difficulty in determining who’s actually “black.” To me, this highlights the pure folly of the race paradigm itself… So, it comes down to, who’s Black and who isn’t? Let’s start with who is identifiably Black, who identifies as Black, and who can prove it. As Nas once famously said, “It ain’t hard to tell.”

        What separates American Black people from the Irish and Holocaust survivors from Germany, is that while they escaped their hell here in the U.S., Black people never have. Black people have fought in every war in American history and have been integral to every facet of the formation of its society; Black people have literally given their lives in every way possible for this country, yet still remain collectively at the lowest of the social strata. Every ethnic group and nationality which exists in the United States today owes a debt of gratitude to the labor, culture, and ingenuity of the Black man and woman. Whereas the Irish and the Jewish have been afforded privileges of prosperity, social inclusion, and freedom, Black folks to this day are still struggling to attain them. Black people have been the proverbial footstool of every group which has climbed America’s social ladder, not coincidentally, but by design. And for that, they’re owed a severe debt. To assign a monetary value to such a debt is a conundrum unto itself. It’s like trying to determine what the foundation of a house is worth, relative to the value of the house itself.

        My initial question was more of a rhetorical one, as I don’t necessarily anticipate any President initiating such a mass economic remedy for America’s most disenfranchised group. But there should be a robust effort to redress the U.S. government’s role in producing a perpetual racial underclass. It’s ultimately not a monetary question, but a moral one. If this society has any hope for survival in the future, then it needs to take a hard look in the mirror and decide if it’s willing to shift its destiny by attempting to correct the wrongs of its ancestors, or simply carry on with its charade of class and race superiority, as its foundation rapidly disintegrates beneath its feet. No citizen of conscience can look at the largest incarcerated population on planet Earth, where almost triple the amount of resources are expended to house inmates as used to educate the average child, where hundreds of thousands of mostly Black lives have been destroyed by skewed drug laws, where mass poverty erodes the national economy, and somehow call this a healthy society. America is in a state of decline, because the business model of white supremacy/capitalism is ultimately unsustainable. We live on a planet of limited material resources, growing demand, and base our lives around a currency of fictitious value. A societal revolution is imperative to future survival. The sooner people realize this, the better chance this country has of avoiding doom. My question is a challenge to Bernie’s Black supporters like Spike Lee, who generation after generation, cycle after cycle, blindly cast their votes for candidates who pander to Black communities just to get elected, then walk away afterwards. If people believe in this political system, then they need to treat politicians as hired representatives and hold them to account when they do not act in their interests. Bernie Sanders talks a good game, I don’t know if he can deliver one. Either way, Black voters should be demanding more than feel-good talk from candidates to earn their votes.

    • Emm Vee

      What are Hillary’s positions?

      • Q.

        Good question. Find out and report back.

    • Michael Romero

      nobody’s getting any reparations dude.

      • Q.

        Jewish, Japanese, and Native Americans already got ’em. Do your homework. Dude.

      • None of them got any ‘reparations’ from the US. Do your homework. Better still, stop posing posed questions.

      • Q.


  • They’re trying to act like Spike Lee’s voice inspires Black folks to go out and vote. Shiiiit…. They should’ve checked how many Black folks saw his last bum ass movie before they sought his endorsement. 😂😂😂

    Bernie Sanders ain’t nothing but another power seeking White man making promises to large amounts of people he knows he can’t keep.

    • Michael Romero

      wrong. bernie sanders is a once in a lifetime candidate that may actually achieve SOME of the goals his campaign set. the other candidates are going to keep us fighting endless wars whereas sanders may actually get us universal healthcare.

    • If you think Bernie’s in politics for power, you don’t know him too well. He is as humble as they come, and has constantly fought for OTHERS his entire career. He lives in a small house, drives a little domestic car, only has a net worth of ~$330k because he gives away his money. The Clintons by contrast live in gigantic mansions in gated rich white communities and have a net worth in the tens of millions. They are the power hungry ones who are in politics for personal gain, not Bernie.

      I’d highly suggest you do some honest research here and keep an open mind. Let the evidence guide you to your conclusions.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    With a weak Democrativc opponent, Trump would win. I live in the UK and thus far all the coverage has been about Trump. Not saying that dictates who will win but it was the same thing with Obama and going back, Bill Clinton.

  • Bernie was fighting against institutional racism decades before Hillary Clinton wanted called African Americans “super predators” and said she would “bring them to heel.”

  • allen

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    Real Estate Crisis or Government Sanctioned Racketeering?

  • Adaj Parr

    Get a grip! All that money Spike Lee has and he can’t endorse a qualified black candidate! Please!!! Now Spike want’s us to change plantations. Yes,that’s right, Spike Lee’s slave mind is speaking.