Spike Lee To Black Voters: “Wake Up And Feel The Bern!”

Filmmaker Spike Lee endorses Bernie Sanders in a 60 second radio spot set to air in South Carolina during the South Carolina Democratic primary.

(AllHipHop News) In what is a big coup for Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as he battles fellow Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination, filmmaker Spike Lee has flown the more conservative African American Democratic Party coop by sidestepping establishment and minority favorite Clinton to give Sanders his full endorsement in a radio spot released Tuesday that will air in South Carolina as a part of Sander’s campaign push in that state in preparation for Saturday’s highly contested South Carolina Democratic primary.

To bolster African American trust and support for Sanders, who does not have the automatic recognition and readily available track record that Clinton would seem to have amongst southern black voters due to her past as a key part of the Democratic Clinton family dynasty that includes 42nd President of the United States and former Governor of Arkansas Bill Jefferson Clinton, Lee is using words and themes from his iconic movie “Do The Right Thing,” to get South Carolina blacks to consider feeling “the Bern” in a radio endorsement where Lee echoes phrasing from his fictional character Mister Señor Love Daddy (Samuel L. Jackson) from that same 1989 film: “Wake up, South Carolina. This is your dude, Spike Lee. And I know that you know the system is rigged,” says Lee, as reported by TIME, continuing as per The Washington Post in the radio spot, “Bernie was at the March on Washington with Dr. King. He was arrested in Chicago for protesting segregation in public schools. He fought for wealth and education equality throughout his whole career. No flipping. No flopping.”

Further to the point of Sanders’ allegiances being solidly in line with core causes that have historically held great political cache in not just the Democratic Party but the African American Democratic community, Lee, who publicly endorsed current president Barack Obama in both his 2008 and 2012 campaigns sealed his endorsement with the words that he believes Sanders will “do the right thing,” if elected into office come November.