Exclusive AHH “The Hateful Eight” Featurette

With yesterday’s announcement that  “The Hateful Eight” has been expanded to approximately 1, 958 screens in digital theatrical release starting December 30 due to the huge success of the movie’s exclusive roadshow run debuted on Christmas Day, All Hip Hop brings you this exclusive behind the scenes featurette produced by us for you.  Happy “Hateful” […]

"The Hateful Eight" Behind The Scenes. Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company.

Robocop Re-Make Lives Up to 80’s Original

With more and more 1980’s remakes hitting the big screen every year it was a great surprise for 80’s cult movie followers when the powers that be at MGM decided to re-create the action packed crime buster flick Robocop. Set in a future time when robot drones police other countries around the world but have […]