IRS Seeks To Shame People Into Paying Taxes

The IRS is seeking to "shame" people into paying their taxes and are listing delinquent United States citizens on State owned web sites. At least 13 states are using the tactic, which some states are branding an effective tax tool. Georgia’s web site boasts two celebrities, the estate of Tupac Shakur, which owes $85,260 and… Read more »



Judge Says Turk Is A Flight Risk

A Federal Court in Memphis Tennessee has labeled rapper Virgil "Turk" Virgil a flight risk and ordered him to stay behind bars today, on the eve of the release of his latest album, Penitentiary Chances. Turk, who is being held in a maximum security prison in Tennessee, is accused of shooting a police officer while… Read more »



Bang ‘Em Smurf Scores Tupac Verses

GF Records CEO Bang ‘Em Smurf and protégé Domination (aka Silverback Guerillas) somehow managed to finagle a pair of verses from Tupac Shakur from a source they refused to divulge. Smurf told, "The Tupac thing – aw man – that Tupac joint man, we stumbled on that. We got that. I can’t even tell… Read more »



Def Filmmaker Screenings Kick Off In May

Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan’s Simmons Lathan Media Group (SLMG) announced the details of the "Russell Simmons Presents: Def Filmmakers Screening Series." The series is sponsored by Motorola and and will showcase a new urban film every other month at theaters and venues in major cities across the United States. The first film will… Read more »



Run Loses Poet Laureate Bid

Rev. Run was denied the status of poet laureate yesterday (April 23) in Queens, New York. The winner was noted Korean-American poet Ishle Yi Park who is ironically, a poet that appears on Def Poetry, which was created by the younger Simmons’ older brother Russell. Yi Park, 26, said that she was honored to be… Read more »



VH1 Honors Hip-Hop With New Awards Show

VH1 will honor Hip-Hop’s pioneer’s with a new awards show, "VH1 Hip-Hop Honors." The show is scheduled for October 8. Network president Christina Norman told the Associated Press the event will be annual and was a perfect fit for the network and their new push into pop culture. "The people who grew up listening to… Read more »



Daz Has A Message For Suge Knight

Just one day after being released from prison, Suge Knight’s release has already sparked some controversy, in the form of a message delivered to Knight from former Death Row Records artist, Daz Dillinger. "You f*ggot ass n*gga finally you get outta jail," Daz said on an audio statement posted on his website, "They stuffed… Read more »



Suge Knight Released From Prison

Marion "Suge" Knight was released from prison yesterday, after spending 10 months behind bars for violating his probation. The CEO of Death Row served most of his time at the Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California. In a controversial decision, a California parole board determined that Knight punched a parking valet and violated the… Read more »



Dougie Fresh Headlines Hip-Hop Forum

Doug E. Fresh will headline the National Hip-Hop Forum at the Cobo Center in Detroit, presented by the Freedom Institute for Economic, Social Justice and Political Empowerment. According to Reverend Wendell Anthony, chairman and founder of the institute, the forum will focus on the evolving business of Hip-Hop. "We are not just doing a summit… Read more »