Kanye West Files To Be On New Jersey Ballot For President

Will the Garden State allow Ye on the presidential ballot as a candidate or will someone through a curveball to the Good Music emcee?

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is serious about his 2020 presidential bid this upcoming November.

While he won’t be featured in Ohio during the first debate between President Donald Trump and the former vice president under the Obama administration, Joe Biden, he is taking all the steps to make sure that when the time rolls around his supporters can cast their vote for him to be the nation’s 46th POTUS.

The first step is to get on the ballot in all the states that he can. To do that, each candidate has to complete an application process to be listed — Because Yeezy and his team started late, they are currently at the beginning of said system.

According to reports, he has started the process to be on the New Jersey ballot, doing so by submitting a petition with 1,327 signatures of support — giving proof to the state that his candidacy has a base in the state. The requirement for an Independent candidate (Kanye is running for The Birthday Party) he only needs 800 John Hancocks.

Kanye should be fine for the Garden state. That is unless he runs into the same trouble that he hit in Illinois.

In Illinois, his home state, he needed a set number of signatures to be considered for the ballot. He submitted 3,200 and it was found that less than 1,000 were actually valid. That’s right … they checked them bad boys.

The hearing to see if he will be considered or disqualified is set for next week. New Jersey has until Friday, July 31st to have someone come forth with their issues.

The “College Dropout” rapper has submitted for Missouri and Oklahoma also.