Megan Thee Stallion Fans Demand Tory Lanez Be Thrown Out Of The U.S.

Tory Lanez seems to be in some serious trouble – and he hasn’t been charged with a crime – yet. But fans believe he shot Megan Thee Stallion and now they want him out of the country!

(AllHipHop News) Violent Americans have for years been warned that they can’t bring their guns and violence into the peaceful country of Canada.

Consider Spring 2019, when Kodak Black just knew he was going to be able to mosey his way right on over the border, but got hit with an arrest for daring to bring a firearm with him as he crossed Niagara Falls.

So … what is the United State’s policy of violent Canadians that bring their guns and bust the proverbial caps into one of our celebrated and law-abiding citizens (allegedly).

Surely, there are laws — but America’s system is taking too long to move through “due process.” Thusly, everyday citizens have a tool that they use (often) to let politicians know where they stand on burning issues like this, hoping that they will not only take note … but take action.

After Megan thee Stallion was shot in both of her feet, a revelation that she personally shared on her Instagram Live to her family, fans, and friends, many are asking for her rumored ex-boyfriend, Tory Lanez to go back to the Great White North where he came from.

Forget the next “Chixtape,” they want him gone.

At least that is what a petition on says.

Simply titled, “Deport Tory Lanez” the two-week-old petition has only a little under 16,000 signatures of the goal max of 25,000.

The copy says, “Deport Tory Lanez (Daystar Peterson) back to Canada and ban him from coming to America FOREVER. This little 5’3 man with a big ego has contributed nothing to the American Economy and promotes violence and violence against women. Furthermore, he should be banned from the United States FOREVER for intentionally trying to harm Megan the Stallion. SEND HIM BACK TO CANADA ASAP!”

It was stated by El Swerv0 and will be directed to the Department of Homeland Security.

Indeed, if there is an example of domestic terrorism … It can be seen in this alleged act that he committed against the Houston bombshell rapper and college graduate.

Many on social media are wondering why it has taken so long to bring justice to Megan thee Stallion, believing that if she were white that there would be more attention and Tory would have been out of here.