P.E. Says ‘F**ck War’ With Moby

Public Enemy has teamed with Moby to record an anti-war song timed for release near this year’s summer Olympic games. The song, titled “MKLVFKWR” which is an acronym for “make love, f**k war,” features Chuck D. and Flavor Flav rapping about the current status of the world and in reaction to the war in Iraq…. Read more »



Rev Run Honored With Protégé Award

Reverend Run will be honored with the "Protégé of the Year" award during a ceremony honoring Dr. Reverend Frederick Eikerenkoetter, popularly known as Reverend Ike. On June 12, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, founder of New York City’s Zoe Ministries will honor Reverend Ike with a lifetime award for his mentoring work. Jordan will also present… Read more »



Shyne Speaks From Jail

Former Bad Boy artist Shyne called in to New York radio station Hot 97 yesterday (June 4) from the Clinton Correctional Facility granting his first interview since being sentenced to prison in 2001 for his involvement in a 1999 club shooting. The incarcerated rapper told radio personality Angie Martinez he expects to be released from… Read more »



Diddy To Carry Olympic Torch

Sean "P.Diddy" Combs will be one of several people to carry the Olympic torch when it passes through New York City later this month. The torch is on its way to Athens, Greece, bound for the start of the summer Olympic Games. The torch will move through each of New York’s five boroughs, pass the… Read more »



Jacob The Jeweler Launches Dot Com

Jacob The Jeweler, long time provider of customized jewels to the Hip-Hop community, is taking his company online, offering his collection on the Internet. launched yesterday with a variety of earrings, rings, bracelet, accessories, customized diamond encrusted dog-tags, as well as Kanye West’s line of Jesus pendants. Jacob has designed jeweler for such celebrities… Read more »



Tommy Hill Of RAM Squad Cooperating With FBI

John Wilson, better known as "Tommy Hill" and member of popular Philadelphia group R.A.M. Squad, pleaded guilty to cocaine charges yesterday (June 3) and is cooperating with federal authorities. "I did what I did," Wilson told the judge yesterday before pleading guilty. "I know it was wrong. I just want to get this behind me… Read more »



Hip-Hop Stars Urge ‘Regime Change’ At Ohio Summit

Russell Simmons led an all-star Hip-Hop cast at the Ohio Hip-Hop Summit today (June 3), encouraging potential voters to vote in order to accomplish “regime change” in the United States.”It’s possible that Ohio will pick the next president,” Simmons said. “The biggest power in America today is Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is more respected than President George… Read more »



Cormega, Ghostface, MOP To Rock Summer Tours

Cormega and Ghostface are about to hit the road together in their highly anticipated national tour. The tour begins on Sunday, June 6th at New York’s Knitting Factory and will continue for 16 dates until June 29. Cormega said that touring with Ghostface was exciting to him as a fan and artist. “Ghostface is one… Read more »



Just Blaze Readies Label, Just Not Standard Thug Rap

Producer Just Blaze is preparing to take his successes and move them to another level of the industry – his own recording label. He crafted beats for the greats of our time like Jay-Z, Usher, Memphis Bleek, Shaggy, Nelly Fabolous, Snoop Dogg, the Roc-A-Fella crew, Faith Evans and others, but now the New Jersey-born producer… Read more »



No N.J. Ladies’ Night

The rap song “Ladies’ Night” was a Grammy-nominated Hip-Hop hit that featured Lil’ Kim, Left Eye and Angie Martinez, but the state of New Jersey has opted to go against that grain. The state enacted a new law that bans bars and clubs from promoting so-called ‘ladies’ night,’ citing gender discrimination. The state ruled that… Read more »



Judge Rules In Favor Of P. Diddy

A $450,000 civil judgment against Sean "P. Diddy" Combs was overturned yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina. Limousine driver Cedrick Bobby Lemon filed a lawsuit against Combs in relation to an incident in 1995. Lemon claimed he was assaulted by bodyguards Combs had hired to protect Mary J. Blige at a concert in Winston-Salem. Lemon claimed… Read more »



Jermaine Dupri Hosts ESPN2’s ‘Block Party’

ESPN2’s "Block Party" makes its return tonight (June 1) at 7:00 pm. The new season features fresh 2004 episodes of "Street Ball: The AND 1 Mix Tape Tour." Jermaine Dupri hosts "Cuttin1 Up," the barbershop segment & "The Hook Up," which pairs athletes & celebrities for a day-in-the-life swap. "Block Party" will air in two-hour… Read more »



Soul Plane Opens, MGM Executive Defends Movie

After raking in $5.7 million over the holiday weekend, "Soul Plane" appeared to stall at the theaters to the glee of critics, but its defenders claim people are taking the imagery far too seriously. The movie, which was shot on a budget of $16.5 million, drew harsh criticism from various African-American watch groups, as well… Read more »