Eminem: $40 Million Dollar Man

Hip-Hop phenomenon turn movie star, Eminem, has set yet another record, this time in the world of DVD’s. In only its first day of release, Eminem’s "8 Mile" DVD sold more than 2 million copies and broke the single day DVD sales record for an R-rated film. The DVD’s sales raked in a whopping $40… Read more »



P.Diddy Not Happy With War

Entrepreneur and entertainer Sean "P. Diddy" Combs recently voiced his displeasure with the war on Iraq. Combs learned of the war’s commencement while on stage in Miami and the hip-hop mogul was greatly startled by the announcement. "I was told that while I was onstage the war started. I’m definitely pro-peace, I’m anti-war. I’ve been… Read more »



Queen Latifah ‘Just Wright’

With a new movie deal from Disney, rapper-actress, Queen Latifah continues to ride her wave of cinematic success. Nominated for this years Best-Supporting Actress Academy Award for her work in "Chicago," and boasting a $31.7 million debut for in Disney’s "Bringing Down the House," Latifah is set to star in another Disney movie, "Just Wright."… Read more »



Prince Paul Readies 3rd Solo LP

Prince Paul is preparing to release his third solo album, Politics Of The Business, a commentary on the state of the music business. The album features Ice-T, The Beatnuts, DJ Premier, Guru, Biz Markie, Erick Sermon, Chuck D. and comedian and actor Chris Rock, who collaborated with Paul on Rock’s Bigger And Blacker album. The… Read more »



JMJ: Caught In Feud Between Murder Inc. And 50 Cent?

Investigators are looking into the theory that Jam Master Jay’s murder was prompted by a feud between Murder Inc. and 50 Cent. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, several label executives who asked to remain anonymous claim they were threatened not to sign 50 Cent. “It’s just like the drug business,” a source close to the… Read more »



Due To War, Will Smith Skips Oscars

Rapper, actor Will Smith will not be present at the Oscars this Sunday due to the U.S. led assault on Iraq. Nominated for best actor in last years Oscars for his portrayal of Muhammad Ali, Smith was scheduled to be a presenter at this years Academy Awards. Stan Rosenfield, Smith’s publicist, eliminated all speculation that… Read more »



Drama Accused Of Six Armed Robberies

Rapper Terrence "Drama" Cook, 22, faces armed robbery charges in Atlanta, GA. Cook is accused of six hold ups, including one in broad daylight. Cook was arrested last Thursday, after a gas station & three motels were robbed within minutes of each other. Cook had a gold single, "Left, Right, Left" which reached number 3… Read more »



Ludacris’ Lyrics Stir Up More Controversy

Ludacris’ lyrics are stirring up controversy again, this time in Columbia, South Carolina. The Columbia City Council heard both sides of a debate over whether or not the rapper was appropriate to perform at the 3 Rivers Music Festival, which receives almost $250,000 in support from the city. "What I am opposed to is using… Read more »



Bootcamp Clik Performs For Minors At Prison

Boot Camp Clik performed a free show for inmates on Rikers Island yesterday (March 18). The rappers performed for the C-74 block, a group of inmates who are all minors ranging from the age of 14-17 years old. "Sometimes we forget that these young inmates are just kids that have had tough breaks in their… Read more »



Trina Speaks To The Kids

Trina spoke to almost 50 children in Cincinnati’s troubled Over-The Rhine neighborhood, which was the scene of riots in April of 2001, due to police brutality. Trina appeared at the Over-The-Rhine Community Center before a performance at Tequila’s Night Club. Her appearance is part of an effort by the Peace Down The Way Coalition and… Read more »



Snoop Grants Sick Teenager His Wish

Snoop Dogg granted terminally ill, 17 year-old Branson Walker of Ohio, his wish of meeting the rapper. The Special Wish Foundation gave Walker three wishes and his first was to meet Snoop Dogg. "I did this because all it is is me meeting one of my biggest fans," Snoop told "Time is what I… Read more »



Kingpin Skinny Pimp A ‘Premier Player’

Memphis rapper Kingpin Skinny Pimp has been nominated for the Premier Rapper Award at the 18th Annual Premier Player Awards. The awards are hosted by the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy. "I been doing this for a long time and I am just glad that my records haven’t gone unnoticed. I know Memphis loves… Read more »