Hip-Hop Rumors: The 4th of July With Illseed!

I DON’T DO THE FOURTH OF JULY! “Picture us coolin’ out on the fourth of July and if you heard we were celebratin,’ that’s a worldwide LIE!” That’s a quote from the former revolutionary known as Flavor Flav on Public Enemy’s “Louder Than a Bomb” (this was decades before reality TV). So, I present to… Read more »



Hip-Hop Rumors: JAY-Z VS LIL’ WAYNE?

DAZ AND THE GAME CUT A PLATE?     When I don’t know, I don’t know. But I am getting word that Game and Daz are about to do some big things. They worked together on Doctor’s Advocate and now they are rumored to be taking it to the next level. A Daz/Game album? That’s what… Read more »



Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Buck SPEAKS!

This edition of the rumors are sponsored by Young Buck, who says there is no “new unit” just G-Unit! YOUNG BUCK SPEAKS ON NOT DISSING THE UNIT! WHERE IS LLOYD BANKS? READ BELOW Somebody I know knows I wanted to know what’s the deal with man named Banks. Here is what Young Buck told…. Read more »