Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Soulja Boy On Bath Salts? Rapper Says He Wants To Eat SpaceGhostPurrp’s Face

Fading rapper Soulja Boy has inserted himself into the A$AP Rocky/SpaceGhostPurrp feud, and has taken the side of A$AP Rocky, going as far as calling the Miami producer a “p*ssy” and even threatening to eat his face. Huh, where they do that at? Check out a series of threatening tweets that Soulja Boy sent to… Read more »


Signs The World Is Coming To An End: The World’s Scariest Drug, “The Devil’s Breath”

It seems like there are more and more dangerous drugs being introduced everyday. The latest to follow in the footsteps of “bath salts” is a Colombian drug called “Scopolamine,” more commonly referred to as “the devil’s breath.” The drug makes you incapable of making your own decisions, and makes you a slave to the person… Read more »