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Underground Effects Artist Of The Week: The Audible Doctor

[twitter-follow screen_name=’AllHipHopcom’] [twitter-follow screen_name=’SkyyhookRadio’] Weather your discussing his production skills, his emcee skills or his writing skills, when you speak about The Audible Doctor a word you will definitely use in that conversation is skill! Versatile as he is talented, The Audible Doctor is known for his old school soul as it pertains to his production… Read more »



?uestlove Guests on Grammy U’s Art of The Crossfader (LIVESTREAM)

(AllHipHop News) ?uestlove and J. Period are teaching Summer School. Grammy U’s Summer School video series starts with an live study of the art of the crossfader. Exploring the history, mechanics and cultural impact of the crossfader. In an almost Hip Hop Ted Talk, USC Professor Josh Kun and J. Period reveali samples from popular songs such… Read more »



Underground Effects Artist Of The Week: Soul Khan

[twitter-follow screen_name=’AllHipHopcom’] [twitter-follow screen_name=’SkyyhookRadio’]  Soul Khan is off to one heck of a year already and judging by some of the work he put in on Soulstice III his colleagues should be afraid, yes, they should be very afraid. Soul Khan has risen through the ranks of the battle emcee’s, he has done and is doing… Read more »


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ALLHIPHOP.COM, 95.5 KDAY & THE J SPOT PRESENTS: CELEBRATING 40 YEARS IN HIP-HOP THE HITS AND MISSES J. ANTHONY BROWN AND ALLHIPHOP.COM PRESENTS: CELEBRATING 40 YEARS IN HIP-HOP THE HITS AND MISSES An intellectual discussion highlighting some catalytic moments of the past 40 years. Taking place during The BET Experience Weekend June 29, 2013, The… Read more »


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Producer Selasi Discusses Everything from The Kandy Factory to Cancer

Photo by WillPower Unorthodox, yet universally endorsed, music is celebrated for its array of redemptive properties. Creativity embedded into the double helix, an organically gifted musician, like Selasi Duse, can easily twist words and sounds to summon wondrous art. Chronicling his life, the African-bred Duse has realized the American dream. Investing into his education and… Read more »