Game Review: Resident Evil 5

  Developer/Publisher: CapcomPlatform: XBOX 360   Players: 1-2(Co-op/Online)Release Date: 3/13/09   Rating: B+   Capcom has been known over the years for the break-out success of one of its top franchises, the Resident Evil series. Known for its terrifying and gory fun, the series garnered a following because of its ability to keep players on… Read more »



When Athletes Rap: Epic Fails & Wins

The modern athlete and Hip-Hop go together like OJ Simpson and gloves. Consequently, there is quite a lot of cross-pollination between the two. The only thing is, rappers cannot typically cross over into sports due to the extreme physicality associated with athletics. Then there is the other side – sports men that attempt to rap…. Read more »



50 Cent: Blood On The Sand (Game Review)

  Developer/Publisher: Swordfish/THQPlatform: XBOX 360   Players: 1-2(Online)Release Date: 2/24/09   Rating: C   With the massive popularity of Curtis Jackson’s Rap persona, it is no surprise his brand has transcended past music onto clothing, movies, television, and beverages. In 2005, 50 Cent took his Southside Queens hustle to a platform Hip-Hop has often failed… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Barrera-Khan, Kirkland Reigns Supreme, Hopkins’ Move Up, Mayweather’s Comeback, Pipino Cuevas

Barrera: “I am not your stepping stone.” Today (March 14), Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera (65-6, 43 KOs) is on a mission to prove that he’s still an elite fighter. The test comes in the form of young British sensation Amir Khan (19-1, 15 KOs), who’ll face the cagey veteran in the toughest bout of his… Read more »



Game Review: Street Fighter IV

Developer/Publisher: CapcomPlatform: XBOX 360   Players: 1-2Release Date: 2/17/09   Rating: A-   It’s been nearly twelve years since Street Fighter III. After two subsequent installments and die-hard Street Fighter fans questioning Capcom about the next title, the company finally decided it was about time to give us what we wanted. Despite the fact that… Read more »



KNOCKOUT NATION:Marquez Dissects Diaz, Adamek Shines, Mayweather Demands, Mike McCallum

Marquez Weathers Storm to Stop Diaz in Nine Juan Manuel Marquez (50-4-1, 37 KOs) may be reaching the twilight of his illustrious career, but the veteran technician proved on Saturday (February 28) he still has much left in the tank. Before a raucous crowd, Marquez stopped a relentless Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz (34-2, 17 KOs)… Read more »



Zab Judah: From Boxing To A Musical Knockout

Zab Judah’s extensive melees as a champion should lead him to The International Boxing Hall of Fame when he decides to retire, but the celebrity fighter is equally determined to conquer another arena of entertainment. The Brooklyn native anticipates knocking the sagging music industry with a sly counter punch before he steps out of the… Read more »



Game Review: Grand Theft Auto IV “The Lost And Damned”

  Developer/Publisher: Rockstar NorthPlatform: XBOX 360 (Exclusive) Players: 1-16 (Online)Release Date: 2/17/09 Rating: A-   Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost And Damned (Rockstar North) is a downloadable episode developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 gaming console. While it may not break as much ground as its predecessor, this expansion pack gives GTA IV new… Read more »



MOVIE REVIEW: Friday The 13th

The hockey mask wearing serial killer Jason Voorhees is back in the latest Friday the 13th film.   However this is not just another installment in the Friday the 13th film series but a complete reworking of the storyline. The film keeps many elements of the original series, while at the same time being surprising… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Calzaghe Retires! Darchinyan Breaks Arce, Margarito Hearing, HBO B.A.D. 2/14, Ingemar Johansson

Darychinyan Scores Dominant 11th Round TKO For over 3 years, Vic Darchinyan has promised to destroy Jorge Arce. On Saturday (February 7), he delivered. In front of a mostly pro-Mexican crowd, unified super flyweight champion Vic Darchinyan (32-1-1, 26 KOs) retained his crown with a brutal TKO corner stoppage of Jorge Arce (51-5-1, 39 KOs)…. Read more »



Winter NAMM:Tricky Brings Out Great New Gear & More

Despite a struggling economy that has mercilessly hit all sides of the music industry, from magazines to music stores, the 2009 winter NAMM show brought close to 86,000 attendees to the Anaheim Convention Center on January 14 – 18, and plenty of new gear was on display.       Whether your preference is songwriting, performing, DJ’ing… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Mosley Destroys Margarito! Margarito a Cheater? Mayweather Downplays Pacquiao/Ali, Jose Torres

Mosley Shocks Margarito In Dominating TKO Win If you ever doubted Shane Mosley’s merits for wearing the “Sugar” moniker, that skepticism was dispelled this past Saturday (January 25). With shocking ease, Shane Mosley outpunched, outboxed, bullied, and grinded down Antonio Margarito to secure his second welterweight title. With a divorce and the BALCO fallout laboring… Read more »



KNOCKOUT NATION:Berto Escapes War, Margarito-Mosley Tonight! Cotto Wants Revenge, Archie Moore

Berto Beats Collazo in Barnburner With his back against the wall, undefeated WBC champ Andre Berto (24-0, 19 KOs) dug deep to escape with a controversial decision win over tough contender Luis Collazo (29-4, 14 KOs) this past Saturday (January 17). A feel out first round was broke wide open when Brooklyn’s Collazo stunned Berto… Read more »



Amare Stoudemire: All-Star Pimpin

Over the years, the NBA machine has become the undisputed master at marketing its players as superstars. In the post Magic/Bird era, and following the rise of Air Jordan we’ve seen many  campaigns designed to get you to believe the hype.Now in the global recession, the NBA is spending more ad money on showing players… Read more »




Recounting the life of a legendary MC twelve years past his death is a daunting task. Especially when the details of his death are so unclear that the book is still wide open. However, Fox Searchlight took the initiative to release Hip-Hop’s first bipioc Notorious – a film that may skim the surface of a… Read more »



MOVIE REVIEW: The Wrestler

Starring Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei Directed by Darren Aronofsky Written by Robert D. Siegel   Picture this: You are blessed with a rare talent, ability, or skill.  That skill brings you fortune and fame beyond your wildest dreams. You are adored by millions.  Then, one day, it’s all over.  You find yourself working a… Read more »




This season, Microsoft has released a new update to the Zune music and video player, combining the best of the older models with a sleek interface and new connectivity options to make the most of the Zune store. The 16GB model we test drove is a good balance of capacity versus price, but the new… Read more »



SET IT OFF: Notorious

The legacy you leave is not measured in possessions you have when you expire.  It’s not measured by the things you did, but by the effect that you had on the people who loved you and how different the world is for you being there.   Christopher Wallace was an amazing individual whose words altered… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Holyfield Robbed? Pac-Hatton for May09? Haye-V. Klitschko, Ken Norton

Holyfield Loses Bid for Fifth World Title Lumbering behemoth Nikolai Valuev earned a controversial, unpopular majority decision against a game Evander Holyfield this past Saturday to retain his WBA title. The listless fight saw Holyfield take command in the early rounds by the use of his overhand left. Valuev remained tentative, simply throwing feeler jabs… Read more »




Clint Eastwood plays widower and Korean war veteran Walt Kowalski, a grim soul and general curmudgeon whom even his family can’t stand.  He’s also a bigot who seemingly hates everything about the modern world.  He lives in a neighborhood that is populated by several Hmong families.      When a Hmong teenager named Tao (Bee… Read more »



MOVIE REVIEW: Punisher War Zone

Someone finally did it.  Someone finally gave us a Punisher movie worth watching.  In a year that has already given us more than a few quality comic-book movies, Punisher: War Zone is an unexpected treat. After the horrible  Dolph Lundergren version and the PG-13 Thomas Jane vehicle, Punisher: War Zone feels like a shot of… Read more »



KNOCKOUT NATION:Hatton Destroys Malignaggi, “Pretty Boy” Margarito Emerges, Haye, Alexis Arguello

Paulie Malignaggi (25-2, 5 KOs) found his lack of power a fatal flaw this past Saturday November 22 in Las Vegas, as junior welterweight champ Ricky Hatton (45-1, 32 KOs) overwhelmed the Brooklynite to a merciful 11th round TKO. After a feel out first round where Malignaggi attempted to enact Mayweather’s successful counterpunch strategy from… Read more »



Out of Bounds: Sunday’s Picks, Game of the Week, So long…Farewell…Auf Wiedersehen …Goodbye

Week 11 started with Brett Favre being Brett Favre. The Jets showed a lot of heart in their overtime win against the Patriots and Favre reminded us why he’s always in the argument for top five, dead or alive, when it comes to the “Greatest  QB” moniker.  What’s in store for this weekend, who knows?… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Calzaghe Dominates Jones, Does Dawson Loom? Iran Barkley

RING light-heavyweight champion Joe Calzaghe marked his second US trip with another huge win, this time dominating a faded Roy Jones, Jr this past Saturday (November 8) to a unanimous decision win. The expected early chess match of flurries was broken with 50 seconds left in the first round, as Jones badly stunned and dropped Calzaghe… Read more »



Sneak(er) Peak: Presidential Edition

Surely you’re reading this while voting or while anticipating your voting or while reveling in the glow of that wonderful feeling that comes from voting and fulfilling your civic duties. Anyway, this column is about kicks and though sports figures aren’t the usual suspects when it comes to making political statements—who has MJ ever endorsed… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Jones Jr-Calzaghe This Saturday! Hopkins Wants Winner, Darchinyan Destroys Mijares! Wilfred Benitez

Darchinyan Dominates Mijares The first super flyweight, unification bout in history was supposed to be Cristian Mijares’ coming out party. This was the fight where he finally got a chance to showcase his reputed top 10, pound for pound skills on a national stage. Instead, the normally wild Vic Darchinyan fought a disciplined, perfect fight… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Hopkins Embarrasses Pavlik! Zab Judah November Comeback! Smokin’ Joe Frazier

You can’t say the Executioner didn’t tell you the outcome beforehand.  Months before last Saturday’s master-class over middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik, Bernard Hopkins proclaimed that “I ain’t afraid of no Ghost.” Pavlik found that out in spades via a thorough boxing education, as Hopkins outfought, outfoxed, and shockingly outpunched his younger foe over 12 dominating… Read more »



Web Of Shadows: Electro Rocks!

In the upcoming Spider-Man vehicle Web of Shadows, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger faces a New York invaded by an army of alien symbiotes led by arch foe Venom.For those of you not in the know, symbiotes take over the bodies of human hosts and turn them into violent superhuman monsters.  Doesn’t look so good for… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Vitali Makes Peter Quit! Dawson Too Much for Tarver, Mayweather Speaks on Retirement, Carlos Zarate

Vitali Domination Forces Peter to Quit Nearly four years of inactivity proved insignificant to former champ Vitali Klitschko (36-2, 35 KOs), as the Ukrainian giant easily beat Samuel Peter (30-2, 23 KOs) into submission over eight one-sided rounds. In round one, the towering Klitschko immediately let Peter know he meant business by wobbling the Nigerian… Read more »



Consequence Flies Kyte To Stay Hot

With a black cell phone in hand, Queens-bred rapper Consequence weaves in and out the backstage halls on the Glow in the Dark Tour.   “Pretty lady alert!” Consequence shouts. “Pretty lady alert!”   Statuesque females of different races smile and wave coyly into the camera phone’s lenses before dashing into pockets of entertainers, moguls,… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Tarver Battles Dawson! Vitali Returns Against Peter! Mosley Blocks Steroid Allegations, Sandy Saddler

Tarver-Dawson, Klitschko-Peter 10/11 on Showtime This weekend Showtime will have an intriguing double-header showcasing two of the world’s top light-heavyweights and two of the more exciting pugilists in the heavyweight division.   First up, rising star Chad Dawson will challenge veteran Antonio Tarver for the IBF title. Both men are coming off wins, although each… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Mosley TKO’s Mayorga! Williams Routs Kolle! Gatti Comeback? Ike Ibeabuchi

Mosley TKO’s Mayorga With One Second Remaining It’s not how to start but how you finish. Those words never proved truer than last Saturday (September 27), as an aging “Sugar” Shane Mosley overcame Ricardo Mayorga’s roughhousing to score a stunning TKO stoppage with just one second remaining in the last round. For the first two… Read more »