Inside the Love & Hustle of Blacc Zacc & Renni Rucci

Renni Rucci and Blacc Zacc

Renni Rucci and Blacc Zacc are one of the hottest couples out there, from a Hip-Hop perspective. They are looking like they may be taking it to the next level very soon.

Hip-Hop’s burgeoning power couple Blacc Zacc and Renni Rucci are set to take over. In a recent convo, Blacc confirmed the swirling rumors about their relationship but also shed light on their dreams, challenges, and their bond.

Blacc Zacc And Neeko Baby Defy Industry Rules And Plot Takeover

Yes, folks, it’s official: they are the king and queen of South Carolina, a name that Blacc Zacc swears by. The world of “Love & Hip Hop” might have brought Rucci into the limelight, but don’t expect to see Zacc gracing the reality TV screens. “No. Hell no,” he told AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. He did say that he’s fine with her doing it.

Zacc also said their situation is just like everybody else’s situation. “It’s cool, just like any other relationship… We be arguing sometimes. Sh#t, I be getting in my moods.” He also said that trolls can be annoying. “Yeah. F##k them though.”

He did not rule out a joint tour with his boo or an album together. “Yeah, if the money there, let’s do it,” he said, being about his business. Yet, it it clearly is not all about business. The discussion touched on the complexities of relationships within the rap game. Fame is a sword with two edges.

Check out their talk, which takes place around the 14-minute mark.