YO KANGOL! 9/24/2008

Welcome to my new advice column, which is designed to guide the misguided aspiring artists and/or future entertainment moguls.  Twice a month Ima hit you with industry knowledge, wisdom… and if you’re hard-headed… I might have to hit you with a written ass-whoopin’.    Why my low tolerance you ask?    Simply put, the industry… Read more »



Yo Kangol!:Alicia Keys’ Secret Weapon

Welcome to my new advice column, which is designed to guide the misguided aspiring artists and/or future entertainment moguls.  Twice a month Ima hit you with industry knowledge, wisdom… and if you’re hard-headed… I might have to hit you with a written ass-whoopin’.    Why my low tolerance you ask?    Simply put, the industry… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Mosley v. Mayorga This Saturday! Williams Fights Showcase Bout 9/25, Trinidad Calls Hopkins a “Coward,” Greatest KOs of Last 30 Years

Mosley Battles Mayorga on HBO 9/27 “Sugar” Shane Mosley (44-5, 37 KOs) is set to battle wild-swinging Nicaraguan Ricardo Mayorga (29-6-1, 23 KOs) in a free bout featuring two of the more recognizable names in the sport. Mosley is returning to the ring after a 10 month layoff due to a proposed May fight with… Read more »



OUT OF BOUNDS: NFL Week 3 Picks /Week 4 Poll

The Best NFL franchise…period ESPN.com’s Page 2 ranked the best NFL franchises…period.  The top 10 teams are:   Dallas CowboysPittsburgh SteelersSan Francisco 49ersMiami DolphinsDenver BroncosOakland RaidersMinnesota VikingsWashington RedskinsSt. Louis RamsNew England Patriots   So, do you agree or disagree with theses rankings? Discuss. You can read the entire article by clicking here. Click here to… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Marquez Stops Casamayor! Guzman Pulls It Out Against Campbell! Bradley Shines, Max Baer Remembered

Marquez Wins Linear Title with 11th Round Stoppage, Forrest Gets Revenge   Juan Manuel Marquez made an emphatic statement last Saturday (September 13) in his first lightweight fight, outsmarting a focused Joel Casamayor to win the linear RING title.   As a former feather and super-featherweight titlist, Marquez was cautious early on about exchanging with… Read more »



MOVIE REVIEW: Righteous Kill

    When Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, are on the same screen for two hours, you pay attention. You pay attention to their swagger, their aging features, and their maneuvers, even their gestures.  By today’s end, millions will be paying attention in the new film Righteous Kill, due in theatres today nationwide. Although… Read more »



Knockout Nation: EXCLUSIVE Nate Campbell Interview! Khan Exposed, Diaz Busts Up Katsidis, Azumah Nelson

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Lightweight Champion Nate Campbell IBF, WBA, and WBO champ Nate “The Galaxxy Warrior” Campbell is currently in training for a September 13 grudge match against Joan Guzman. Completely focused on unifying the lightweight division, Campbell has promised to take out all the top fighters willing to face him in the ring. Graciously… Read more »



Knockout Nation: De La Hoya Ups Pacquiao Offer, Judah Wants Mayweather, US Olympic Team Bombs, “The Celtic Warrior” Steve Collins

De La Hoya Increases Pacquiao Offer Oscar De La Hoya is not a man used to being told no. For over ten years, the Golden Boy has been able to dictate purse splits over all his opponents due to his immense mainstream marketability. But in 2008, things have changed. Just a week after his 70-30… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Pac Turns Down De La Hoya! Calzaghe Confirms Retirement, Margarito Strikes Back at Critics, Jerry Quarry Remembered

Grand Opening/Grand Closing: Pacquiao Rebuffs De La Hoya OfferNot even a full week after announcing that negotiations had begun, Top Rank head Bob Arum has confirmed that his client Manny Pacquiao has declined to accept Oscar De La Hoya’s proposal for a December superfight.The stalling point was De La Hoya’s proposed 70-30 revenue split in… Read more »



Crazy Legs: On Real Hip-Hop Dance, Real Hip-Hop Crews, and Why Lil’ Mama Doesn’t Fit In the Mix

When it comes to the history of b-boying, the Rock Steady Crew is synonymous with pioneering the culture that has grown from its humble beginnings in the Bronx to worldwide acclaim. Originally started by Bronx b-boys Jimmy D and Joe Joe, the Rock Steady Crew has grown into a worldwide icon in the world of… Read more »




Developer: Silicon Knights Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Release Date: August 19, 2008 Canadian developer Silicon Knights is known for its small but rapidly growing number of behemoth titles, which include Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. The company will be diving into its latest digital saga, Too Human, with Microsoft… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Cotto Explains Quitting; Mosley Wants Margarito! Hoya-Pac On Deck; Carlos Monzon Remembered

  Cotto Speaks About Loss   You would think after Miguel Cotto’s phenomenal performance in a losing effort last month to Antonio Margarito that fans would be celebrating the Puerto Rican star and looking forward to his next fight. But in a sport where fighters are regularly dismissed after their first loss, that’s not always… Read more »



Peep Game: Madden Cover Controversy! Return of The Curse? Head Coach a Must Have? Star Trek Online!

  Madden. If there is a franchise that can grab casual and hardcore, the sports enthusiast and the guy on the street, this franchise can. As one of the best selling franchises worldwide, it has dominated living room after living room and is now known as the summer classic that has its own day contributed… Read more »



Tech Talk: Public Enemy’s Studio Prize! Ride the Winglet? Freewheeler Worth the Cost?

Whether gadgets are your tools, your toys or the bane of your existence, it’s always good to stay up on what’s out there. I found a couple gizmos I hope at least spark a little convo. Check’em out!   I couldn’t pass this up, and neither should all you aspiring, up and coming producers and… Read more »



Team USA Basketball at The Olympics: Can They Take the Gold?

  The U.S. Basketball team went a perfect 5-0 through the exhibition schedule. While the Beijing-bound squad is the best looking team the USA has put together since the Sydney Olympics, I am not fully convinced they will come home with the Gold.   Yes, they went undefeated, and yes, they looked dominating in their… Read more »



Step Your Game Up: Hori Fighting Stick EX2 – Soul Calibur IV Limited Edition

  The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 have been lacking in terms of peripherals for die-hard fighting game fans to emulate the arcade experience. To commemorate the release of Soul Calibur IV for both PS3 and 360, Namco Bandai and Hori, a well-known and respected Japanese video game accessory company, teamed up to bring… Read more »



Hood Prep: Dream Big! From Katrina to the Olympics

    Welcome to Hood Prep! This is the story of two brothers Troy and Alfonzo Bolden from New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up on a plantation, the only dreams that seemed attainable to them was in the welding industry – that’s’ all they saw and they were the jobs making the best money. Eventually, their… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Clottey Stops Judah! Will Margarito Duck Williams? Hatton-Malignaggi, Terrible Terry Norris

Occasionally a boxing contest won’t be determined by the skill level or heart of the combatants, but by durability. Simply, who can take the punches better? That was the scenario this past Saturday August 2, as Joshua Clottey (35-2, 20 Kos) secured a technical decision over Zab Judah (36-6, 25 Kos) to pick up the… Read more »



Tuned In: Ford Flex Car Show (Luckie Lounge, ATL)

  Ford Motor Company is not an organization that immediately springs to mind when you envision cutting edge or innovative products. But with their new “crossover” the Ford Flex, the multinational corporation seeks to gain ground it has lost in the past year to competitors General Motors and Toyota.   First introduced at the North… Read more »



Video Games at the Movies: An Imperfect Relationship

  It was inevitable that two of the most popular types of interactive media would eventually become bed-mates and birth a love child. Video game-based movies have been gaining more and more steam over the years, due in part to the huge popularity of our favorite games and the expensive licenses they hold.   While… Read more »



Peep Game: Madden 09! Free Wii? NCAA 09! 360 Official Price Drops!

Welcome back! Peep Game is here to deliver a healthy dose of gaming news. We have entered the month of August, which means nothing but football! Both NCAA and Madden get time from us this week.   For those who have still yet to jump into the next-gen, or are avoiding the Xbox 360, price… Read more »



Gadget Inspector: Pro DJ, Producer and Musician Gems

  After three years in other markets, the NAMM show finally returned to Nashville for its summer session, and as the old saying goes, there’s no place like home. Popular consensus leans toward the belief that this trade show and “Music City” belong together, and activity in both the Nashville Convention Center and the surrounding… Read more »



Hip-Hop 4 Life State of Emergency: Family Communication

  My mother is my best friend, and she has been for several years. However, this between she and I were not always so blissful.  I distinctly remember the time in High School when I “ran away” down the block to my aunt’s house…for two extremely long weeks.    As I sit here reminiscing about… Read more »



The Family That Plays Together… Sports Family Ties

    Did you know that in 1973 almost a quarter of all pro-baseball players, a third of all pro-football players and two-thirds of all pro-basketball players were Black? Most recently, African-Americans now make up 8% of baseball players, close to 67% in football and nearly 79% of basketball players.   As we cap off… Read more »



Rap Game: Hip-Hop and Video Games Unite

  Hip-Hop’s influence on the world as we know it is undeniable. From its humble beginnings in Bronx back in the ‘70s, Hip-Hop’s culture has spread to forms of media including books, television, movies, and now video games.   Major corporations are wising up and cashing in on the art form to both phenomenal and… Read more »



Ed Gordon: Daddy’s Little Girl – The Special Bond of Fathers and Daughters

  I’m sure you heard of the saying “daddy’s little girl,” that is the common phrase used to express the connection that most fathers and daughters share. For this National Black Family Month, what better way to celebrate then to discuss the importance of this special bond?   Little girls are important. They’re future wives… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Margarito Breaks Cotto – Mayweather or De La Hoya Next? Lacy Retires, Judah-Clottey

There were many questions as Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto made their way to the ring on Saturday July 26. Which force was stronger, Cotto’s higher skill or Margarito’s relentless pressure? Was it Antonio’s size or Miguel’s ability to fight off the backfoot? In the end, it was Margarito who used all his tools to… Read more »



Preview Approved: The Race Card at the Movies

  Those who create popular art often characterize their creations as being a “reflection of reality,” a mirror image that reflects the world around us. I’ve always thought that description was somewhat misleading. Popular art doesn’t so much reflect “reality” as it reflects what we as a society believe to be real – or what… Read more »



Peep Game: Soul Calibur Special – A Tale of Souls and Swords

  The release of Soul Calibur IV is upon us this week! The game’s highly anticipated approach has taken several steps, led by critical acclaim, commercial success and a hardcore fanbase that follows the series to its core.   Considering the incredible history of the Soul Calibur series, it would be a travesty if we… Read more »



Concert Review: Anthony David

S.O.B.’s, New York, NYJuly 23, 2008It was a night that true lovers of R&B and Soul can attest to, as Anthony David performed for New York City. The vibes that came across the crowd as they listened to the poignant feel-good tracks songwriter turned artist David delivered from his latest release Acey Duecy (Soulbird/Universal Republic),… Read more »



I’m an Actress: Caught in the Act – True Love

In life, I’d always felt vaguely disconnected from other people. I say vaguely, because even though I’ve always had lots of friends and immediate family around, always stayed in the social mix of things, and stayed busy with extra-curricular activities; at the end of the day, I never missed anyone once they were gone. Never… Read more »



Album Review: J*DaVeY – The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost

The thirst quencher needed to revitalize the current state of music has finally arrived in the form of J*DaVeY. Combining New Wave, Jazz, Electronica, and R&B, J*DaVeY (female singer Jack Davey and male producer Brook D’Leau) presents funky beats combined with a dash of new school flavor. Their double album release, The Beauty In Distortion… Read more »



Straight Talk: Heat – A Super Woman’s Kryptonite

I had every intention on writing about a different topic—more relationship geared, however I went through something recently that I felt I should share.   Like most of my life’s experiences, I find that this one could help someone else in the world. And so to it, I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s article.  … Read more »



Shape Up: The Yoganator – Russell Simmons Gets Fit with Yoga, So Can You! Check the Tecnique

  Hey what’s good everybody? I know that Writing 101 states that I shouldn’t lead off with my most compelling argument, however my goal is to prevent all of the fellas out there from clicking back over to illseed’s rumors too quickly.    So with that said, let me just start by saying that many… Read more »



Screen Shot: The Rise of the Fighter – Soul Calibur IV, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter II Turbo HD

  After such a long drought of great fighters, it seems like the latter end of 2008 as well as the proceeding year of 2009 will yield a new line up of possible gaming classics.   With Capcom, Namco, and even Midway dropping gems from their most notable franchises, fighting fans everywhere will have something… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Mayweather KO’d? Pavlik-Hopkins Signed! Williams-Wright

  Pavlik Set to Face Bernard Hopkins at 170 Pounds   Last week, it was reported that middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik was set to face Paul Williams after proposed fights with Winky Wright and Allan Green fell through.   In a shocking twist, the Youngstown native will now be facing Bernard Hopkins at a catch… Read more »



L-R-G: Organically Correct

  Over the years, very few streetwear brands have survived the shifts in the economy, and of those, very few have been able to expand their lines beyond where they started. In just under a decade, L-R-G has gone beyond the stereotypical label of “streetwear,” offering an entire lifestyle that their core consumers could grow… Read more »



Peep Game: The Best of E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo

  There is not an event in existence with the meaning of Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. Even if the Electronic Software Association has been unwinding some of the previous life that was associated with the gaming extravaganza by pulling away some of the extravagance that once populated the event, it is still the source… Read more »