5 Super-Cool YouTube Music Tips and Tricks

It is evident that YouTube Music is a stupendous music streaming application.

Once Plato said, ‘Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything’. This holds so true because music in itself is healing, and no matter what culture or region we belong to, we are touched by it. 

With music being an integral part of life, we can’t hold ourselves from investing in music applications, which make it feasible to stream music from all periods and regions of the world. There is a long list of music streaming applications that feature thousands of artists from around the world and music from each nook and cranny. 

However, if you are not sold on major music streaming apps, then YouTube Music can be a good bet. With unlimited streaming services, it stands out among most of the most popular music streaming applications. 

It does not only provide music, but mashups, concerts, video songs, and fan edits. Besides, it comes up with exclusive nitty gritty features, such as setting YouTube Playlist as an alarm, sharing playlists through a link, and even making it public for others to listen. 

In a nutshell, YouTube Music allows you to have an ultimate music streaming experience. However, to use the music streaming application, your device needs to be connected to a stable internet. 

In that regard, we would strongly recommend you subscribe to a Comcast internet plan. Check out highly affordable planes de internet de Comcast (For Spanish Speakers) and choose a plan that aptly fits your needs. 

Anyway, in this article, we are going to delve deep into how you can make the most of your YouTube Music subscription. So, let’s get into it. 

  1. Create Your Own Playlist

YouTube Music allows you to create your own playlist, whether you are using YouTube music on a web browser or the application on your phone, to listen to your favorite songs in a go. To create your playlist, you will have to follow a few steps: 

  • Play the song
  • Select Menu
  • Select Add to Playlist

You may add any song to an existing playlist or create a new one. With YouTube Music, you cannot only create your own playlist but can share it with others to listen to. When you would like to share your playlist, you may select the sThree-dot menu and select Share. 

  1. Stream Music Offline

One of the best things about YouTube Music is that you can listen to your favorite music even when you don’t have access to the internet. It means that you can download songs, playlists, and albums, and can solve your music problem when you are going on a trip. 

However, in order to use this feature, you will have to switch to a YouTube Music Premium subscription. Here is how you can download the songs, playlists, and albums. 

  • Tap More
  • Select Download

If you use the application on iOS, you can use Offline Mixtape, which automatically downloads the content you regularly listen to. However, make sure you have enabled this feature on your phone. To do so, open the application, click your profile picture, tap Downloads, and then Settings. Then, switch on Download an Offline Mixtape

The Andriod YouTube Music App users must not feel disappointed as this feature is called Smart Downloads on your phone. Follow the same steps mentioned above to enable Smart Downloads. 

  1. Search Music Vis Lyrics

Certainly, a prominent leg up that YouTube Music has over other platforms is that you can search for music through lyrics. Most of the time, we forget the song title but hum a few lines from the song. In that event, not remembering the song is a hell of an anxiety. But, all credit to YouTube Music, you can find the song through the lyrics. 

  1. Save Albums Ahead of their Release

Mostly you have a lot of anticipated music from your favorite artists, and with YouTube Music, you can actually save it before it even releases. This gives you a chance to be among the very first people to listen to the songs when they are released. 

However, to check if you can pre-save the album or not, you may use the magnifying glass and type the name. If it is available to pre-save, songs will show up. If songs are showing up and not the album, tap the three dots on the right side of the track, go to Album, and check it out to download it. 

  1. Use Playlist as an Alarm

Enough of those peculiar tunes that make us bang our heads on the walls in the morning. You must consider setting a YouTube Music playlist as an alarm. You can do it by lining YouTube Music with the Google Clock app. 

Bottom Line

It is evident that YouTube Music is a stupendous music streaming application. Utilizing the aforementioned tips and tricks, you can get the most out of your subscription. So, let the music roll in!