Nipsey Hussle Associate J Stone Busted For Felony At Airport

J Stone

Cops nabbed Nipsey Hussle’s collaborator J Stone on a felony warrant for aggravated robbery at the airport.

Police arrested J Stone, a longtime friend and collaborator of the late Nipsey Hussle, at the Los Angeles International Airport. According to X17, cops took the rapper into custody on a felony warrant for aggravated robbery.

X17 obtained footage of J Stone’s arrest. Police escorted him out of the airport in handcuffs. He was informed of the robbery warrant and searched by authorities.

J Stone’s latest run-in with the law occurred eight years after he was accused of abducting his daughter. He took his then 14-month-old child from her grandmother Patty Pitchford’s home in 2015. Pitchford was babysitting the child and contacted the police.

“I tried to grab the baby, and I couldn’t handle him,” Pitchford told CBS Los Angeles. “He snatched the baby and took the baby.”

J Stone, whose real name is Randy Green, had a restraining order against him for domestic violence at the time. He dropped the child off at her aunt’s home a day after the alleged abduction.

Last month, J Stone released The Definition of Success album via All Money In No Money Out, a label founded by Nipsey. The project featured a new collaboration with Nipsey produced by Hit-Boy.

Hit-Boy spoke about his relationship with Nipsey in a recent interview with AllHipHop. Hit-Boy recalled their history, praising Nipsey’s artistry and humanity.

“He was around when my pops was out last in 2014,” Hit-Boy told AllHipHop. “He always had respect. Any time I would see Nipsey after Pops got locked up, first thing he would ask me, ‘How Big Hit doing? How Pops doing?’ You know what I mean? Just a solid individual. But he was a real music dude. Wrote good songs, could rap, could pick beats, had the whole package with it.”

Check out AllHipHop’s entire conversation with Hit-Boy and his father Big Hit below.