I’m Soft Now

Back in the day, one of the worst things somebody could call you was “soft.” “You soft, dude, you soft.” “Man, this dude is softer than peeled grapes! He couldn’t bust a grape in a food fight.” To be soft, you had to be somebody that people could easily pick on or you weren’t able… Read more »


Knockout Nation: Berto Pulls Out, Mayweather vs. Mosley Finally in March?! Taylor, Jones-Hopkins Farce, Who Wins Between Pacquiao And Prince Hamed?

Andre Berto Pulls Out of January 30 Unification Bout Earlier today, Haitian welterweight titlist Andre Berto officially announced his withdrawal from his highly anticipated showdown later this month against Shane Mosley. Berto released a statement today acknowledging that he lost several family members in the catastrophic 7.0 earthquake last week, in addition to learning his… Read more »


More than Aid, Haiti Needs Allies

 The views expressed with in this editorial don’t necessarily reflect the views of AllHipHop.com or its staff. “AllHipHop.com and other sites, activists, entities and caring people are scrambling to create Hip-Hop for Haiti. What it is exactly, we’ll let you know soon, but we know we will continue to help the nation and support people… Read more »