More Security Guards Fired For Working With Snoop

A year long probe

by The California Department of Corrections resulted in the firing of four state

parole agents who were moonlighting as security guards for Snoop Dogg.

The controversy

erupted when it was discovered that three of the four officers state parole

agents were part of a heavily armed entourage escorting Snoop during last year’s

BET Awards.

The fourth officer

was dismissed because he was working for Snoop while collecting disability from

the state. Police stopped Snoop’s bulletproof SUV and noticed the guards

were heavily armed.

Later, a search

of the SUV turned up weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Eight other

officers who worked in the Inglewood Unified School District have already been

fired due to their association with Snoop.

According to reports,

one was wounded by gunfire while escorting the rapper. Officials expect the

fired officers to appeal the decision.

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