Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Z, Young Jeezy, and…Bill Cosby

I heard that Young Jeezy and religious boss Bishop T.D. Jakes have possibly settled their legal score. Sources close to the situation have told me that they released the song from the clutches of Lawsuit Land and is now back. I know Jeezy’s album has died down a bit since it came out in September, but if you hear it on the radio, you know somebody cut a check or otherwise.

Man. Bill Cosby is getting dogged the hell out for these rape rumors, but the rumors are just that. Bad rumors. Bill has not directly responded to the allegations since they re-surfaced, but he’s got the court of public opinion and it ain’t good. Sources close to AHH have said that they are not shocked that the charges have not taken longer to hit the public’s main vein. This is not good news for Cos, but if he did it, he gets what he deserved. Lets hope they are false for every body.

We were wrong in our rumor that Jay Z wasn’t at Solange’s wedding, but we were correct on the other side. Poppa Matthew Knowles was nowhere to be found, if the pictures on the net are saying anything. He was there for the first time when he allegedly hated Jay Z. LIFE GOES ON.

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34 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Z, Young Jeezy, and…Bill Cosby”

  1. CBT Entity

    Let’s see, if TD Jakes took a pay cut, than that would mean he is putting money before winning the lost soul. Now let’s say Jeezy is not a lost soul, then that means he explained himself in a way where TD Jakes was convinced that Jeezy is winning lost souls. Now if Jeezy is a found soul, I definitely should be hearing the opposite of his context. Quite frankly I smell number 2 and it ain’t my neighbor blowing up the bathroom

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      • CBT Entity

        He put it in his pocket. He didn’t even use it to help anybody.

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    • Brindle

      rephrase- “Bill been talking sh!t on black America in front of white audiences, assassinating our character at events black people aint normally invited to and now some white girls he was harassing when they was underage want to shut him up”…. he might as well have been doing dirty comedy…

      • RayStantz

        Miss me with that “talking shit”. He hasn’t said anything that isn’t fact. He came from the same struggles all of us came from but since he’s old and made some money for himself I guess now he’s not allowed to call his people out on our bullshit? Oh he did it in front of the good ole white folks… I see what the problem is now SMH

      • Brindle

        he’s said a lot of his opinion about a group of young blacks that don’t all fit his non-stop criticism, he’s had it out for young blacks since his son was killed. You gotta question a mans loyalties and agenda when all his negatives about our race are stated constantly at white venues, that’s just ignorant. None of what I said has to do with him making money, your off base just like him, he’s extremely old though so you have no excuse… if Bill got something constructive to say to “us” then he needs to say to “us”… other than that he’s a perv, so am I, I just prefer black women and of legal age… You and Bill can “have a coke and a smile and stfu”- my eddie murphy voice

      • RayStantz

        LOL… why does he need to say “us” we all know what it is. You want a warm and fuzzy message for “us” when all “we” really need is a kick in the ass. And I have no reason to question his motive. He’s done way more for black people than you will ever do. He’s kept “us” in his back pocket the entire ride trying to lift “us” up with positive messages and images of how “we” should be. And funny you bring up his son’s murder since it was “us” that did it… lol. I’ll be off base but just remember I didn’t comment on your post, you commented on mine. You don’t like the message keep it moving. I’m not trying to convince “you” of anything. “Your” cup is obviously already full… lol get on down the internet with that shit

      • Brindle

        I didn’t say he needs to say us, I said if you’re going to talk about us, talk to us, not to some old rich white men that don’t care any way… you’re right about us needing a kick in the ass, some of our ways in the last 10-15 years are terrible, and Bill has done many things to give us new images, I give him credit for that, but you can’t go through life thinking you’re better than those images while with the old white people that like you for the money you’ve made them… In the past, I looked at it as a bad decision but it takes place repeatedly, at that point its intentional and his motives or lack of, need to be questioned, especially when he’s trying to sell a book…. You post was off base, that’s why I commented, also it wasn’t “us” that murdered his son, it was a Mexican gang member so get your facts straight, if you got that wrong, imagine what else is incorrect in your thought process…

      • EDOGZ818

        Whiteboy from Ukraine.

        Mikhail Markhasev, 18

        But wait, he was with a white chick ( Cos’ son ) & my BS sensor went off.
        It wasn’t a robbery, nothing was taken, but homey was hanging with the gangs, but he got life & is hurting.

      • D_Ably

        There’s only 2 types of people in the world and it ain’t black and white. There’s arseholes and there’s good people, both teams come in a wide range of colours and creeds. Either your minds stuck in some racist matrix or you some 18th century bod who stole Bill and Teds phonebox and made it to 2014. If thats the case, you heard about the black president? or is his country too white for that to count towards anything? lmao

      • Brindle

        I love a good discussion but you made absolutely no sense… lmao… did you read what you typed? I didn’t agree with the other dude but he still made sense… Who the hell is Bill and Ted? I think you’ve had that comment saved and thought this was the place to paste it… re-read the convo, then explain how what you typed makes sense…

      • a Moss

        Get your facts straight. Ennis Cosby was killed by Mikhail Markhasev, an 18-year-old Ukrainian immigrant.

      • Brindle

        we’ve already acknowledged this but this is Cali, and that fool looked like an ese… so I’ma continue calling him mexican accidentally on purpose

    • TheOnlyCoop

      He’s been drop nonsense. This just shows that he has money to make his problems go away, while the people he bashes on Faux News have face the music.

  2. chosenxeno

    I respect his real talk when it comes to us, but I believe Bill Cosby did it. F**k it. I said it. People forget he got caught cheating on his wife with a Young Chick a few years ago.

      • chosenxeno

        It doesn’t mean he is a rapist because he cheated. It does mean he has questionable character. Then, there’s the whole thing where he’s not willing to discuss it but at the same time he’s not threatening to sue. I wonder why that is? Call me a rapist and watch how fast I sue your ass. Basically, it’s a slam dunk since I didn’t do anything. Same for him. He seems to want this to just quietly go away. Lawyer up if you didn’t do it. Instead he is running away. I wonder why?

      • Real Spit

        Cheating and being a rapist is not in the same category, just because you cheat doesn’t mean you have the potential to be a rapist that’s bullshit . Cosby has been in the game a long time, he is no fool, he knows what they can do with a sound bite and you don’t think this man has a lawyer? Hes been dealing with these accusations for years. More people need to be like him and keep their mouth shut

      • chosenxeno

        “For years” and he hasn’t sued yet? Seems very suspicious don’t you think? It’s not like he doesn’t know the face of the person making the claim. This chick STOOD ON STAGE IN A ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE AND SAID BILL COSBY RAPED ME! If it’s untrue he should sue. To me it’s looking a lot like he did. How many potential witnesses to her defaming him is that? Man, he did that shit. I’m not falling for “Oh they out to get him” shit.

      • baller187

        you fool its not even a question he is a rapist, the article even says they surpised it didnt get out years ago

  3. BEAST

    The reason you were wrong about the Jay Z rumor is because you got your “rumor” from Media Take Out. If we wanted to read bullsh*t we’d go there.

  4. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Bill Cosby probably did what anybody else did when their celeb status was skyrocketing.
    Maybe as America’s most famous dad, we would argue he should be more of a role model.
    But it’s that Rockstar groupie thing that took the better of him. So what. He was successful.
    What does a successful man want? Pu**y! Simple as that. He did not do anything else than
    any NBA player (esp. Magic Johnson), or Rockstars, Politicians, Managers, Rappers did all the time.
    Of course Bill Cosby is the one who is stupid here. He is the same guy who pointed fingers at
    rappers to promote negative lifestyles. The problem with aging is often that people forget their
    own past. Try to instill moral values on the youth which they did not follow themselves while they were young.

      • Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

        Calling for rape 30 years later. This is America. Anyone running out of money tries to file legal claims in any direction. Those girls have been partying with dude for weeks probably on his bill. So any chick can be sure the guy’s not spending the money without thinking about getting pu**y in return. Or don’t you ever buy girls drinks in a club?

  5. 5% Hov

    “We were wrong in our rumor that Jay Z wasn’t at Solange’s wedding, but we were correct on the other side. ”

    You niggas copy and pasted from TMZ……. smh

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