DMX Rep Responds To Fake News Story Claiming Rapper Was Arrested For Dog Fighting

(AllHipHop News) Yet another fabricated news article has made its way around the internet as a true story. The website Infossip published a post titled “DMX arrested in underground pit bull dog fighting bust.”

The fake story claimed the rapper was charged with conspiring to promote and sponsor dog fights and conducting an illegal gambling business. The false article has over 174,000 Facebook likes and tweeted 800 times.

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Like other “satirical” sites, Infossip does not point out the DMX story is untrue in the actual body of the post. Its “About” page contends the website promotes “buzzing and breaking news” that is “interesting, controversial, abnormal, thought provoking or satirical.”

DMX’s publicist sent the following statement to about the Infossip story:

It is disappointing that Infossip chose to target DMX’s love for dogs for their own benefit. DMX was not arrested last weekend and does not take part in any dog fighting. We apologize to DMX’s fans for Infossip’s attempts at tainting X’s reputation with this false story. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their positive feedback of DMX’s appearance in Top Five and invite fans to see his next concert January 9th in St. Petersburg FL.

~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)

The “Get At Me Dog” performer is the second rap star this week to be involved in a bogus news article circulating on the net. wrote a phony post claiming Brooklyn’s Bobby Shmurda was stabbed to death in jail. That story had over 137,000 likes on Facebook and over 1,000 tweets.

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