Did Blac Younsta Get Transgender Beat Up Over Dating Allegations?

Blac Younsta is pretty gangsta. He is not about to let you people call him gay or a dater of transgenders.


Now there are reports that he had the transgender human being beat up over these allegations of sexual impropriety…or propriety.

MediaTakeOut.com reported yesterday, that a popular TRANSGENDER named Bnell was making a lot of INCREDIBLE ACCUSATIONS – about having relations with rapper Blac Youngsta . . . well she’s now in the hospital.

Just a few hours after MediaTakeOut.com posted the report – Blac Younsta came out and PUBLICLY denied Bnell’s accusations. And then it happened.

In what could be a completely UNRELATED set of circumstances, MediaTakeOut.com learned that BNell was attacked yesterday, by a group of men. She was beaten badly and rushed to the hospital where she suffered back and neck injuries.

She’s expected to make it . . . but the next few days will NOT be fun.


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