Richy Forbes & SSK- "Never"


Richy Forbes (AKA Mr International) is representing the island of Turks & Caicos, Miami and Nigeria, and as a result his sound is a refreshing blend of Afro, R&B and Hip-Hop. His boisterous personality shines through within seconds on every performance and is backed up by his lyrical bravado. Not shy to deliver a heartfelt melody, he expresses themes of love, pain and prosperity. Producer So Special Kay (SSK) on the other hand is the mellow crooner of the two giving every song a touch of soul. His vocals stretch from sweet to street on demand, painting each track with an unique contrast. This however works to a charm since he also produces each song, allowing their vocals to fit right at home in the music. The two both based in London, UK, have collaborated on a series of songs, most recently R&B throwback “Never”, and hip-hop club banger “Mirror”. Both of these have received good reception at shows, and created a level of buzz for the two acts. The duo just released the visual for “Never”

SSK stated:

“I’d say filming never was a roller coaster of emotions. We actually shot the video twice and recorded the song like 3 times. It was inspired by some of our old influences including R.Kelly, Jodeci & Blackstreet, but also modern artists such as Future. As a result it sounds 90’s yet it sounds current so has been described as “a Modern throwback” As a producer I wanted to capture the feel good element of classic R&B with a energy that can work well in today’s contemporary R&B crowd. It was a beautiful experience producing it, and singing on it especially being able to pay homage to Blackstreet on the middle 8 section, and to R. Kelly with the “Sex Me” sample embedded under the beat. Forbes decided to go with a topic we all been through, hard times in a relationship that could go either way; Sometimes we say crazy things in those moments that don’t help the situation and by time we think to let the person know we didn’t mean them, it’s too late. It works both ways.”

The video was directed by Emile Terrenze, a film Director from London responsible for the Online Series No I.D. Check out the video below.