5 & Done: CVSH MOBB

5 & Done: CVSH MOBB

Hip-Hop has range. there are the fans of the radio/R&B Hip-Hop and there are fans of the gutter, the trap and the streets. CVSH MOBB reps the streets with a message. Let’s explore what these young MCs bring to the game.

Firstly, what is the meaning behind the name CVSH MOBB?

CVSH MOBB:  CVSH MOBB really has no meaning. The meaning is all in the symbolic representation of the V. The V goes into our whole philosophy of being the underdog. The men and women no one believed in. That together as one, even with all odds against us we will overcome.

What makes the CVSH MOBB so unique from other rap crews?

CVSH MOBB:  CVSH MOBB is unique in its own right because CVSH MOBB is not just me, Fame, Drew or Mikey. It’s you, your intern, and the kid that got bullied in your high school.  CVSH MOBB is everyone, because at some point or time in our lives people didn’t believe in us. And we represent that.

Who are some of the influences of CVSH MOBB?

CVSH MOBB:  We are influenced by many artists but most importantly we are influenced by each other. There was a time when we had a “Henny With No Chaser Event.” At that time CVSH MOBB crew member Drew was going through a lot. I mean he had so many personal problems that it was affecting me. And somewhere deep inside himself he managed to be the one dancing, laughing, joking and having the most fun. I never seen a man go through so much and still manage to smile. That day Drew inspired me. So to sum it up most importantly we inspire each other.

What can we expect from CVSH MOBB within the next 5 years?

CVSH MOBB:  You can expect solo projects from each member of the crew. Also look out for the CVSH MOBB feature film, fashion line and merchandise. You can expect nothing but success.

Any final words for the people? 

CVSH MOBB:  Yes, thank you AllHipHop for having us.  Thanks to every one of you for supporting #THEMOBB and showing love; we appreciate you.