Philly’s Forrest Reigns Is The Son Of A Rap Legend, But Making His Own Way

Forrest Reigns

Forrest Reigns has a famous Hip-Hop father, but he’s making his own way in the world of Rap music.

“In today’s world, people are always looking to be or do the next ‘different’ thing, when the main thing that makes any of us different is by being ourselves.” 

Forrest Reigns is the next superstar coming out of Philadelphia; he brings music to a whole different level. At Only 20 years old, Forrest Reigns has diversified his catalog to the point where you can’t define the specific music genre. His sound is a reflection of alternative hip-hop with a touch of melodic rock mesh with popular music. His music has touched many people on the east coast. Differing from your typical artist, the basis of his music comes from living without fear and boundaries and tuning out the opinions of naysayers. 

In 2017, Forrest began making music, but it wasn’t until two years later that he released music; Concurrently, the pandemic in 2020 gave him the push that he fully invested in his music career. His biggest obstacle since making music has adequately been structuring all his songs. Having the ability to make so many flavors of music, each deserving its proper structure and leaning off of constant freestyling, has helped him put together better hooks, bridges, and transitions. 

Forrest Reigns’ primary focus is his upcoming project ‘Embrace,’ centered on him embracing his one’s fear within himself.  Due to this, Forrest believes he’s compiled a group of songs where none of them sound the same, and all Embrace a different aspect of who he is. Apart from this level of self-knowledge at his current phase, Forrest is reluctant to sign to a label because he needs to continue expressing himself in his fashion.  He would need to know in-depth about any set parameters soon and not feel any restriction behind his craft if he signed to a major label. Foreign has performed a few times, notably at his old high school, which felt like a massive milestone for himself and opened up for A Boogie at HennyFest this past September. Stay tuned for the release of his project ‘Embrace’ and his upcoming shows once he hits the road again.