Get To Know Artist RichBoyDomo & Why He’s Up Next


RichBoyDomo is a bright new talent from Columbus, Ohio. Read up on the aspiring rapper!

Columbus, Ohio native RichBoyDomo has always had a passion for music. This year, he’s planning on taking over in 2022 and sharing his music in a brand new way with his audience.

He’s inspired by how other influential artists such as Roddy Ricch use their art to impact millions of fans, and Domo has the same intention with his music.

Since he was young, he always knew that music was what he was supposed to do, then decided to pursue it seriously as a career about 4 years ago when he was released from prison.

His time in and out of jail stopped him from pursuing his dream at first, but he was able to rekindle his passion as soon as he got out and now, rap is his only hobby.

“All I do is record and stay in the studio,” he said. “Struggle don’t last forever, pain don’t last forever, I just want to motivate the trenches all around the world.”

He’s allowing his upcoming music to speak for itself.

“My music will create a big impact on the community and will save a lot of people’s lives.”

RichBoyDomo’s mission is to show people that bad circumstances don’t endure forever and that there is always a way out. RichBoyDomo’s quest is an inspiring endeavor as he prepares to debut his recordings this year.

This musician is gifted with a tremendous work ethic to back up his skill, in addition to his immense passion for music. He doesn’t blame himself for his numerous circumstances, and he looks forward to the future with optimism.

RichBoyDomo is convinced that his music will one day make him billions and that he will be able to provide a platform for struggling musicians. For the time being, there is no set release date for his singles, but he wants to assure fans that new music is definitely on the way.

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