DJ Montay, Writer For Migos, Flo Rida Talks NFT’s, Future Of Publishing And New Platform SongVest 

DJ Montay talks about SongVest and the benefits of SongVest’s “Advance Auction” for artists!

SongVest, the online marketplace for buying and selling music royalties, has recently launched a new financing option for songwriters and artists. 

The Advance Auction platform allows rights holders to lock-in a lower IRR than other similar companies. SongVest’s agreements also allow sellers to retain ownership of their copyright and can include a buyback option.

DJ Montay, the hit writer behind hits like Flo Rida’s “Low” and Migos ft. Drake’s “Walk It Talk It” recently participated in an advance auction.

“SongVest helped to find the best option for immediate capital for a business venture I’m involved with, and without giving up my copyrights. The team worked on a custom solution that made sense for me with their new advance auction and I think more artists and songwriters need to know about it,” DJ Montay explained to

SongVest can provide custom financing solutions for all artists, including selling masters, publisher or songwriter shares of performance royalties, streaming royalties, and more. 

Also new is the NFT auction. 

Launching April 22, with a modern remake of the 80s hit single, “Pac-Man Fever”, “NiFTy Fever” will have a limited-edition release that also comes with a framed gold record award for each purchaser.

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