EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent’s Penis Enlargement Lawsuit Grows: He’s Now Suing The Shade Room

50 Cent

According to court docs obtained by AllHipHop, 50 Cent accuses the gossip site of exacerbating the penile implant surgery saga.

50 Cent wants an apology and money from The Shade Room for exacerbating the penile implant saga. According to court docs obtained by AllHipHop, 50 Cent has filed a lawsuit against Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa (again) as well as The Shade Room.

As the docs explain: “This case is about the abuse of a popular entertainer and businessman’s act of goodwill by an unscrupulous business owner for her own economic gain, and by a gossip tabloid intent on driving clicks and ad revenue at the expense of the truth.”


50 Cent maintains Perfection Plastic Surgery founder Angela Kogan stole a photo of him to promote her business under the false pretense he’d used the company’s services. He now says The Shade Room propelled the story forward by re-posting it and opening him up to “ridicule.” Among the comments on the post is: “50 Cent, can I see the before and after pics?”

50 Cent and his legal team claim: “By publishing the article and falsely stating or implying that Jackson had received plastic surgery procedures from Kogan or MedSpa, or the penile enhancement or other procedures described in the article, TSR committed a clear act of defamation.

“The article was particularly egregious because TSR believed it was publishing Jackson’s private medical information, which is not newsworthy or a subject of public interest. Kogan and MedSpa now claim that The Shade Room unilaterally took and used the photo of Jackson for the article without Kogan or MedSpa’s permission. Plaintiff separately seeks compensatory damages as well as injunctive relief, a retraction and an apology from TSR.”


50 Cent originally sued Kogan in September 2022. Last month, Kogan’s attorneys filed paperwork pointing the finger at The Shade Room.

“Plaintiff is not entitled to relief against Defendants as Plaintiff has failed to properly plead against the offending party; namely, The Shade Room,” Kogan’s lawyers wrote. “The Shade Room is the author of the article and pulled the photo from Kogan’s social media without Kogan’s permission or consent. The Shade Room is the publisher of the article, and Plaintiff has improperly applied the actions of The Shade Room to Defendant.”

50 Cent’s case will go to trial in July 2023 if a settlement isn’t reached prior to proceedings.