EXCLUSIVE: Consequence Calls Out Pusha T For Abandoning Kanye West During “A Crisis”

During a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Consequence not only addressed Pusha T’s purported president role at G.O.O.D. Music but also his seemingly snap decision to cut ties with Ye.

Kanye West put a giant target on his back last October when he made some inflammatory comments deemed to be anti-Semitic. As companies furiously canceled West, Pusha T announced he was resigning from G.O.O.D. Music in December 2022. But West’s longtime collaborator Consequence, who helped establish G.O.O.D. Music with Ye in 2004, says there was nothing to “resign” from.

During a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Consequence not only addressed Pusha T’s purported president role at the imprint but also his seemingly snap decision to cut ties with Ye. After all, West had co-produced Push’s Grammy Award-nominated album It’s Almost Dry just months prior. He also starred in the video for “Diet Coke” alongside the Virginia-bred rapper.

“Family is a word that gets thrown around a lot, loosely,” Consequence begins in a clip exclusively obtained by AllHipHop. “And I could actually say that Kanye is my family, right. We not blood relatives, but that’s my family. We’ve done more things and have had more interactions mutually than we have with our own family. When I see something like that, I’m conflicted. I’m disgusted because of a multitude of reasons. And they aren’t all directed at Pusha T.”


Consequence continues, “[G.O.O.D. Music] is something that I help build with my bare hands. It wasn’t nothing. Whatever the narrative was at Roc-A-Fella, at the end of the day, a lot of it was on my back. Kanye eventually propelled to stardom, so whatever we did worked. My equity is in his career and in the label. So that’s where I’m disgusted with somebody who wasn’t there from the start. Once they situation comprised—when Ye is in a situation he talked himself into, he’s got to be responsible for that 100 percent—but we’re not going to stick together?”

Consequence has admitted he isn’t down with the controversial comments Kanye West made. But, at the same time, he recognizes West is in a precarious position and needs help.

“Whether I agree with Kanye or not, it’s not the principle of that,” he continues. “Like I said, I told you all this street s###. Pusha T told you all the street s### and now we doing this industry s###? Nah. Now, in fairness, does Pusha T have a right to distance himself from situations he don’t want to be in? Yeah. He a man. Do those two have grievances behind the scenes that are not being spoke about? Yes, they do. So part of this s### is kinda cap.”

Pusha T, who has been identified as the president of G.O.O.D. Music for years, allegedly hasn’t filled that role for some time. As Consequence explains, “The whole Good Music president s###? That’s cap. There was no G.O.O.D. Music president s###, n-gga. That s### is cap. It ain’t been that s### for years. When n-gga kickin’ some resignation s###, there ain’t no resignation s###. Just say you mad about the Donda 3 party in Chicago when he ain’t let you on stage. Say that.

“You basically deading G.O.O.D. Music like, ‘I’m going for the Grammy and f### the block.’ What you want me to do? Say, ‘Alright yeah, keep going?’ Ain’t nothing p#### about me, n-gga. At all. You dig? And ain’t none of this personal. Everybody got the right to do whatever they want to do, and that includes me. So I got the right to be like, you know what? Nah. N-ggas ain’t gonna just dead the block like that. Just so you can eat? You Pharrell’s man. That’s why you running around with Pharrell right now, and that’s cool. All that s### is cool. But my man, he in a crisis and n-ggas is out. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. I ain’t the only n-gga who got a check with Ye. I’m the only n-gga that said something though. You want me to respect that s###? Come on, bro.”


Consequence acknowledges there’s a chance Kanye West and Pusha T could find a way forward, but he’s not holding his breath.

“They may communicate and find resolve to that situation,” he says. “But as it stands, I don’t f### with that ‘cause I expect more out of Pusha T, honestly. This n-gga base everything he stand for on the streets. I ain’t saying you gotta support it or not. If Pusha T wins a Grammy, Ye did half the album. So what? You’re not going to thank him? Or you gonna thank him and act like you ain’t say you resigned?

“It’s a lot of games and I’m not really with none of that s###, to be honest with you. That’s my take on it. Ain’t none of this personal. That’s me speaking as a man. I ain’t in the same space. Many moons ago, I went at n-ggas ‘cause I ain’t like how s### was going down. I’m not in that space. I’m a grown man and I’m going to play no games with nobody. I’m not speaking to n-ggas one minute and then acting like I don’t f### with them the next. I’m not with that. At the end of the day, it was all good when they n-ggas were doing the pub dance in the ‘Diet Coke’ video. You gotta stay like that or you don’t.”

Find the full interview with Consequence below.