King ISO Tells A Huge Lie On “I’m Okay,” But Reveals Why In New Video


King ISO reveals the biggest lie we tell ourselves, but “I’m Okay” reinforces the profound needs to focus on mental health and wellness. Look at the exclusive visuals to the song. 🙏🏾

King ISO‘s “I’m Okay” reinforces how unique and special he is. The rapper’s latest single is the final song from his critically acclaimed debut Get Well Soon. A real spitter, King ISO has been one of the few rappers that has continued to extol the importance of mental health and wellness. 

“I’m Okay,” which also features King Kash, is probably the biggest lie men tell others and themselves. The video for the song offers a dual reality, one that exists outside of the individual and also within the person. He explained to AllHipHop exclusively why he felt this song needed visuals and what inspired him to do it.

King ISO: “I’m Okay”

He told AllHipHop, “With the song ‘I’m Okay.’ I felt it was super important to convey the message of all the people who smile through the day while really internally hurting. My best friend Sarah, before she was murdered, inspired me with her poetry when we were just teenagers when an entry she wrote expressed how she wears a mask everyday. 20 years later damn near I still do the same and so do many adults/young teens and children. This was something I felt the need to share with my listeners because I know so many feel the same. When I went into the creative process, I wrote and produced it with the intention of putting A-Wax on it. My partner King Kash happened to be at the house and heard me working on it and said ‘man I’d love to have a spot on that song!’,and A-Wax and I already had several songs done so I told Kash ‘have at it!’ It turned out amazing and now the listeners can have a dope visual as well!”

The Omaha-raised ISO has consistently stared at his personal demons without blinking. He has had to face his mental health, psychiatric illness, and his dark side unapologetically. There was a time when he was homeless until he checked himself into a mental facility. This lead to him earning a deal at Strange Music with Tech N9ne. The acclaim has caused him to lose sight of his beginnings and mission. Get Well Soon is a victory lap of sorts, an open letter to those still in the struggle. “I’m Okay” is truly a song we should like and share.