Termanology Just Dropped His 50th Album—How Many MCs Can Say That?

Boasting features from frequent collaborator Paul Wall and Kool G Rap, among others, “Time is Currency” is a testament to his unwavering work ethic and commitment to the culture.

Termanology released his first album, Hood Politics, in 2003. Over the last 21 years, he’s remained diligent, dropping project after project. His latest, Time is Currency, arrived last week and marked his 50th effort (yes, 50th).

Boasting features from frequent collaborator Paul Wall, Kool G Rap, Ras Kass and Kota The Friend, among others, the 15-track album is a testament to his unwavering work ethic and commitment to the culture. But it also marks a significant milestone for Term.

“I have meticulously planned for this one to be special, knowing it would be my 50th project,” Termanology tells AllHipHop. “It was so well structured I purposely started the album saying. ‘I’m on album number 5-0, I make albums with my eyes closed.’

“One of my favorite things about this project is the cover art. The cover was handcrafted in pencil by an artist named Jason McKenzie, who submitted the drawing to me. It was the exact vision I had for the cover. My good friend and longtime collaborator Deezy took it and brought it to life. Time is Currency is definitely one of my favorite covers ever.”

Produced entirely by Nastee, the album is overflowing with Term’s signature boom bap flavor, accentuated by endlessly clever rhyme schemes and infectious hooks. One of his latest videos, “Uptown Fly” featuring Term’s new signee Nim K and Lord Sko, is unapologetically East Coast, complete with shots of the historic bridges and graffiti-splashed walls.

The YouTube clip has wracked up more than one million views since its release, a clear indication people still crave authentic Hip-Hop—not the watered down iteration being spoon-fed to the masses. Not to mention, Time is Currency landed at No. 1 on iTunes US Hip Hop/Rap Albums chart upon its release. Termanology shared the news on his Instagram, writing simply, “Thankful.”

Decades in, Term has a lot to be grateful for these days. His two collaborative albums with Paul Wall, Start 2 Finish (2022) and Start Finish, Repeat (2023), both smashed Spotify’s one million streams mark. And, like a fine wine, he just continues to get better with age. Find the album here and keep scrolling for his entire discography. All physical copies (CD/Vinyl) and downloads available via Bandcamp.

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