15 DJ’s You May Not Know But Should

15 DJ’s You May Not Know But Should

This list is comprised of DJ’s who know how to move the crowd! They are dynamic and innovative, each one makes sure that you are completely entertained and while you may be familiar with some of them in one capacity, you may not even realize that they have dope DJ’ing skills within their command in others! Some of these guys are spitters, radio show hosts, engineers or general jack of all trades within the music industry and some are just straight up Turntable Beasting Geniuses! Please check AllHipHop.com’s list of Dope DJ’s you need to know about.

DJ DV-One Big


Simply put, the guy knows music. There is nothing like hearing a song the way it was meant to be heard and with DV-One the chances of this happening are great! If you hear a sample in a song, it’s guaranteed that DV-One is going to mix in the original and some how you feel better for hearing it! His clear knowledge of the music makes the listener stop partying to pay attention to what he’s doing! The guy’s a legendary DJ with an ear of gold!

Young Guru

Okay, stop! Because I know what you’re thinking! “Really, you put his name on the list?” But it’s honestly astounding to me how many people have no clue that he DJ’s! Whenever I comment on how he was able to either make a crowd stop in awe or jump up and down so hard it felt as though the floor may give way at any moment, there is always someone who says,”I thought he was the producer”, or “I thought he was the engineer”!  Welp, now they know, he can do all of it, and well! Seriously if you get the chance to see this man spin, with our without his camp, GO!

DJ Dice Big

DJ Dice

Legendary DJ that spins for the greats! DJ Dice is one who knows what to do to make everyone in the crowd extra hype! Even if you’re the type to hug the wall all night, you will find yourself in unfamiliar territory because DJ Dice won’t let you play the wall flower card for long! You were warned!


A true showman and concertoligist on the tables, this man is of the belief that if you paid for a show, then a show is what you are going to get! I’ve never seen so many things happening behind the tables at one time and the music never suffers as a result. He works up just as much of a sweat as the people jumping around in front of him with the mics do! Truly a sight to see!

DJ Spintelect Big1


I imagine trying to keep pace with Talib Kweli’s cadance could quite possibly make a DJ arthritic before their time! Sure hope DJ Spintelect is stocked up on Ostio-Bi-flex just in case! This DJ is not just able to keep up with Kweli, but he can also stand on his own within the song! This is not an easy tasking and I’m sure many have tried! Spintelect is able to mix with the best of them!


Ever see a DJ that is seemingly lost in the music when they spin? Whenever K-otic gets on the wheels you can tell he’s not only giving the crowd the music, he’s taking some for himself. His infectious enthusiasm for his craft entrances the masses like a magician with a magic wand comprised of beats and rhymes. The result is sheer dopeness.

DJ E Holla Big

E. Holla

This DJ is a young guy with an old school soul! He’s able to transcend generations of Hip Hop in a mere second or two. An E-Holla show is guaranteed to have a crowd full of excitement and an Emcee spitting nothing but gems! A good time to be had for all.

Sixth Sense

Whether it’s on the radio or on the stage Sixth Sense goes in! This DJ can turn just about any song into your favorite and the mixes are some of the best hands down. No one else can make the “Wrong Songs” work the way Sixth Sense can. Only with him will you jump from New Edition to The Red Hot Chili Peppers then over to Super Cat in the span of one twenty minute period of time. He is always a crowd pleaser.

DJ Illanoiz Big


This DJ has heart and just enough of an edge to keep the Rebel Diaz fans going nuts! Illanoiz commands attention and then throws it right back out to the crowd! Energy is the key word here as the music is so high strung that you can’t just sit back and be still with it! Timing is everything too and DJ Illanoiz has it all mastered! There is no rapping over our own lyrics going on here, so the pace of the DJ is critical and Illanoiz leaves every concert goer happy and full of life when he’s done.


Golden era greatness! This guy is a fan of the legends and can spin it like few others! His ear for the perfect places to switch things up is uncanny! There is no doubt that when he is doing his thing on the tables that he is having a great time! This translates to the crowd like a Spanish to English dictionary, and the crowd too has a great time! Dark Fada is truly a man of the people.

DJ Danjah One Big


Ever hear a DJ that almost knows too much about the music they’re playing? Well check out Danjah-One and you most certainly will understand what I’m referring to. Danjah-One knows every inch of a record and therefore knows just where to hit it with a stroke of genius! It’s as if the music was an old girlfriend, and he can showcase every intricacy of her personality. It’s deep y’all!


This DJ is fearless, there’s no question about it! He allows the music to take leaps and bounds and he’s right there with it along for the ride! It’s a good thing to see and hear and I suggest you do both! The music is the type to hype up the crowd and DJ Element matches their energy pound for pound. When the DJ’s energy is so present it allows those at the show to let go and become more like a group and less like individuals it’s a wonderful thing. Not all DJ’s accomplish this, but Element mos def does.

DJ Fusion Big


DJ Fusion of FuseBox Radio is not just the chick on the mic! Her ear is keen and the mixes are proof positive of this! She is also a beast on the tables! A party with DJ Fusion in charge is nothing but a good time! Simply put, she keeps the crowd moving with her knack for reading the needs of the masses and it’s a good thing!

J – Live

Why yes THAT J – Live! I must tell you although most know him for being a phenomenal guy on the mic, they have no idea he is a phenom on the turntables as well! If you get the chance to check him out as a DJ, even if he’s not performing as an artist get there and quick! You don’t want want to miss a thing! J is absolutely astonishing on the wheels! It’s almost unfair to be able to conduct such a one man show but he does it with ease!

Illness Jackson

When I see this kid perform I think Asthma. The activity, animation and all out moxy that this kid demonstrates is bananas! He’s all over the place and keeping everything perfectly timed all the while! It’s easy to feel winded just from watching the guy put on a show within a show! He and Skratchmatik Assassin Turntable Terror Crew bring something totally different to his little suburban town, and they are extra thankful to get it! There aren’t many like him in small town America but there definitely should be!