A Day In The Life: TI Goes Through The Highs And Lows Of His First Paid Comedy Gig

Tip "TI" Harris

T.I. experienced some bumps at the beginning of his comedy journey, but he is not running away. In fact, he let us follow him all day for his first paid gig.

Much has been made of Tip “T.I.” Harris’s recently, sudden foray into stand-up comedy.

The former trapper-turns-mogul has indulged in comedy through acting, but stand-up is a different animal. Stand-up comedy is the wolverine of the entertainment beasts, small and agile, but often hostile. Tip wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves a challenge and after conquering numerous fronts including the rough-n-tumble world of Hip-Hop, he’s ready for “some mo’.”

The AllHipHop Team linked up with the man himself as he went into his first paid gig, courtesy of Rip Michaels’s April Fools Comedy Jam. Things did not go as expected, but TI forged ahead, fighting his way through the well-publicized “Brooklyn cheers.” Our team was there every step of the way and we have to thank the King for giving us all access to his journey.

In this chat, which happened hours before the April Fool’s Comedy Jam, Tip talks comedy, why he does it, who he loves and more. He also gets into the nuanced conversation of the Atlanta / Omeretta The Great / Ludacris conversation. Lastly, he says he’s closing a big chapter in his life as a Hip-Hop artist- retirement talks are here.

Tip talks getting booed in Brooklyn and why he wishes he could have gone right back up afterwards.

Shot and Edited: King Corleon

Produced By Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur & DJ Boy Wonda