#ATLRiseUp: 20 Emerging Acts That Prove All Atlanta Artists DON’T Sound The Same


Last year A$AP Rocky did an interview where the New York City native made a general statement about how most Atlanta rappers pretty much sound the same. If music listeners just went by the popular tunes played on the radio or the headlines that get the most hits on the blog sites, Rocky’s statement could be seen as accurate.

However, I’ve had the chance to speak with several up-and-coming performers from Georgia’s capital city over the last six months, and AllHipHop’s #ATLRiseUp series has proven the new generation of Atlanta artists is a diverse group presenting voices beyond the mainstream representation of what’s happening in the southern music Mecca.

From reflective street rap to soul infused songs to genre-erasing expressions, these 20 emerging acts prove all Atlanta artists DON’T sound the same.

-Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)
Senior News Writer, AllHipHop.com

Chilly Chills Is Bridging The Gap Between Ignorance And Sophistication


Chilly Chills comes straight out of Mechanicsville – the neighborhood made famous in the movie ATL, but the poet that has caught the attention of OutKast is looking to raise his fans across the social spectrum to a higher level of understanding.

“I’m tricking the mainstream market into knowledge. I’m tricking my people into going back to values,” explains Chills. “Not saying we lost them. We just don’t flex them. We’ll flex that Lamborghini. Ain’t nothing wrong with flexing that Lamborghini, but let the folks know you got off MARTA before you got in that motherf*cker.”

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Daye Jack Is Inserting The Soul Back Into Southern Based Hip Hop


Daye Jack’s music proudly represents the everyman archetype, and the 19-year-old Nigerian-born performer uses his videos to take viewers inside an inventive mind that’s not afraid to push boundaries.

“When I’m 25, some of my goals could be different from right now. But right now when I look at it, it’s like you have to have a reason to make this music. If you want to be remembered, you have to know what you want to be remembered for. You have to know what you’re chasing,” says Jack.

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EarthGang Is Crafting Authentic Music & Refreshing Atlanta’s Hip Hop Sound


Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot met at Benjamin E. Mays High School in 9th grade, and from there the two Hip Hop representatives built a buzz by dropping content heavy songs and hitting the road with Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, and Fashawn.

“What n*ggas don’t realize, Hip Hop is West African transformational storytelling that we brought over here. We don’t get a chance to tell our stories in the media,” says Venus. “When we do our storytelling – when we say what we say – it’s our authentic experience. It’s all the experiences of Black people.”

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Genius Is Blurring The Line Between Being A DJ And An Artist


The deejay was once at the forefront of Hip Hop culture before the emcee eventually took the lead, and now K Camp’s longtime partner DJ Genius is helping to shine the spotlight back on the person behind the turntables with his own club-ready records.

“It’s a thin line between being a DJ and an artist in today’s society. Everything in today’s society is covered by how you market things,” conveys Genius. “I realize to take it to the next level as a DJ you have to be marketed as an artist. Your social media, your videos – whatever you’re doing, you have to do so much more as a DJ now.”

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ILLClinton Is Atlanta’s Hip Hop Offspring Of The Civil Rights Movement


Emcee/producer Brennan and producer Blake were born into a family with direct connections to the Civil Rights movement, and the blood brothers decided to embed that spirit of social activism into many of their tracks.

“I’ve been to marches, but it doesn’t seem to change anything,” conveys Brennan. “I feel like we all need to come together to figure out how to make a positive change in the community. Right now, I’m trying to put out music with that type of message, because it’s needed in the culture.”

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Issa Is Looking To Use His “Trap Conscious” Movement To Be The Voice Of The Youth


Young people often look to their favorite celebrities as role models, so Issa is making an effort to use his catalog of “Trap Conscious” tunes to positively inspire his followers like his own idol Bob Marley.

“There’s so much stuff our youth needs to hear from somebody like me. J. Cole and Kendrick are giving it to you, but I’m talking about someone coming out of Atlanta and speaking to the youth. It’s a new voice,” declares Issa.

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Jarren Benton Is Turning Up The Volume On The Other Side Of Atlanta’s Sound


No, he’s not really signing to Master P’s No Limit Records, but as Atlanta’s rep on the indie label Funk Volume, Jarren Benton is working to change the perception of rap music coming from his hometown through personal lyrics and a unique perspective.

“People think they gotta chase someone else’s success. Let’s say Soulja Boy comes out with a song called ‘Do The Soulja Boy’ and it becomes big. All of a sudden you got a bunch of people whose only advice is ‘Let’s do that. Let’s copy the exact same thing he did,’” conveys Benton. “Everybody [on Funk Volume] has a vision. Everybody believes in that vision. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you stay consistent with your vision. It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna build. It’s gonna grow.”

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Jonah Cruzz Is A 90’s Kid Not Afraid To Stand On The Shoulders Of Hip Hop Giants


1990’s Hip Hop is held in high regard among many fans of the culture which is partly why Jonah Cruzz has embraced the era, but the 22-year-old rapper still focuses on remaining relatable to his fans by adopting the “Ordinary N*gga” brand and not selling an über-exceptional persona.

“It was time to really express who I am as a person. I didn’t want to lie to the people. I didn’t want to say I’m whipping this, I’m wearing that, and I’m doing all these extraordinary things. I don’t do none of that and don’t relate to none of that. So I wanted to tell people the truth of who I am and tell my whole story,” explained Cruzz.

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Key! Is Atlanta’s Indie Rap King Making An Impact On A Major Level


Key! may not be a household name around the country yet, but the co-founder of the Two-9 collective has been gaining attention within Atlanta for years – so much so the Eastside native believes he fathered a lot of other high-profile rappers’ current styles.

“I’ve been out too long. I guess everybody’s like, ‘He ain’t gonna pop, so his swags for free,’” states Key. “I hear it from a majority of the music from young, up-and-coming artists. These artists that just became major who were underground artists last year.”

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Malachiae Warren’s “Ghetto Smooth” Sound Is Merging Atlanta’s Hip Hop & R&B Traditions


Before Atlanta became one of the go-to locales for rap music, the city was an R&B capital, and it’s from that tradition that Motown recording artist Malachiae Warren birthed the “Ghetto Smooth” sound by referencing Hip Hop stars like 2Pac and T.I. in his soul-laced cuts.

“Every song that I do I have creative control,” says Malachiae. “I like to make music that comes from what I go through and experience. It wouldn’t be fair not to play a part in writing my music or producing it, because it has to come from me. I feel like that’s the music that people listen to longevity wise.”

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Miloh Smith’s R&B/Rap Blend Represents The Artistic Unity Emerging From Atlanta


Drawing inspiration from Lauryn Hill and TLC, Miloh Smith is known to provide Rhythm & Blues vibrations as well as drop bars when she feels the need, and the Marietta vocalist routinely teams up with other talent in Atlanta such as Two-9, OG Maco, and Wavy Wallace.

“I feel like I could be any one of five people, depending on the day. I grew up with a lot of different influences,” says Smith. “From hanging out with a bunch of kids from Cobb County listening to indie bands to my own parents who come from the Disco and Rhythm & Blues era to my older brother who didn’t listen to anything outside of Gucci Mane for what might have been three years – it’s hard to pinpoint, but I would say my style is more so R&B because of the artists I grew up listening to.”

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Money Makin Nique Is Bringing Introspection & Musicality Back To Street Rap


Money Makin Nique doesn’t hide the fact he represents the street side of Atlanta’s rap scene, but the well-read rhymer is ready to give Trap listeners the opportunity to appreciate his words as well as vibe to the production.

“I want to put the musical element back into street music. Remember when sht actually used to feel good. Regardless of what it was about, it felt good. That’s what we’re trying to do. It doesn’t have anything to do with trying to sht on nobody. I’m just trying to change things, so you can go there for that and you can come here for this,” says Nique.

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Nebu Kiniza Is Building An Artistic Empire From The Ground Up


Nebu Kiniza used his family’s move from Queens, New York to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 10 as the catalyst to his transition into becoming a Hip Hop artist, and the self-described aspiring Hippy has since collected co-signs from ILoveMakonnen and Sonny Digital.

“I love everything about Atlanta. I love everything about the South period. I feel like the South has that flavor, that soul that music needs,” says Kiniza. “The whole culture put a little bit of flavor in me. If I had stayed in New York, I know I’d be doing music, but I don’t feel like it would be the same.”

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Nick Grant Is A Student Of The Game That’s Earning His Way To The Head Of The Class


Veteran Hip Hop journalist Sway Calloway giving his stamp of approval indicates there’s likely a vital new voice in the industry, and Nick Grant earned that influential acknowledgment by spitting a crazy freestyle on Sway’s radio show which caused co-host Heather B. to compare him to Nas.

“I feel like you have to study those that came before you. In order to be great, you have to know what to do and what not to do. You have to study,” asserts Grant. “I came up on Big Daddy Kane, Jay Z, OutKast, Scarface – these are the people that I studied. So of course, I’m going to be a reflection of that in some way.”

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OG Maco Is Ready To Change His Name & Possibly Change The Game


Whether you call him OG Maco or Maco Mattox, the man made famous from the viral hit “U Guessed It” wants you to know 1- his music is much broader than the 2014 turn up anthem and 2- he’s willing to use his celebrity to address social issues such as police brutality.

“I was never going to be the ‘U Guessed It’ rapper,” maintains Maco. “My music before ‘U Guessed It’ was expansive and lyrical. My music after ‘U Guessed It’ was expansive, but it’s like they don’t want to see that. People just don’t want to accept more than what got you to a certain place.”

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Raury’s Artistic Vision Is Championing A Self-Discovery Renaissance


Last fall singer-rapper Raury released his debut album All We Need which featured appearances by Big K.R.I.T, RZA, Key!, and Tom Morello, but prior to the LP dropping the LoveRenaissance envoy put on for his city by hosting the star-studded annual RaurFest event.

“Do everything with goodness in your heart. Before you do anything – put a song out, post a tweet, post a picture – pay attention to how you feel when you’re doing it. And trust that feeling, and know that you are right,” advises Raury. “I could be wrong. Whoever is giving you advice could be completely wrong. You have the answers more than anybody.”

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Scotty ATL Is Ready To Usher In A New Era Of Atlanta Hip Hop


By putting his hometown in his name, Scotty ATL makes it clear he has love for the A, and the city loves the member of B.o.B’s No Genre label right back, proven by the fact his laid back, cool style of music is widely accepted by ATLiens in the age of Trap’s dominance.

“The only option I had was to create music that I felt was going to be better than everybody else’s, put together better, packaged better, the videos would be better,” declares Scotty. “I always saw myself competing with bigger artists like a Jay Z, J. Cole, or Kendrick Lamar. In my mind, that was my competition. That’s been the way I did it from the beginning.”

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Speakerfoxxx Upholds Atlanta’s Hip Hop Past & Foresees A New Awakening In The City’s Future


Speakerfoxxx earned her stripes in Southern rap circles by serving as the tour DJ for Yelawolf, Three 6 Mafia, and Gangsta Boo, but she has also deejayed at A-Town’s hottest nightspots, performed at nationwide festivals, released mixtapes, and participated in The Aphilliates: Streetz Iz Watchin radio program with DJ Drama, Don Cannon, and Trendsetter Sense.

“You’ll have a movement for 10, 20, or 100 years. It’s like the Dark Ages for example,” suggests Speakerfoxxx. “But after the Dark Ages, then what happened? The Renaissance era arrived which celebrated beauty, light, and art. This is just a period within a cycle, and each period is instrumental, beautiful, and important.”

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Sy Ari Da Kid’s Versatility Is Making Him The Man In Atlanta


Sy Ari Da Kid is capable of hitting listeners with social commentary, diverse flows, and even passionate love inspired odes, and it’s that skill that allows the SlumLords affiliate to extend his reach beyond “The Nawfside” section of metro Atlanta he calls home.

“People ask me what separates me from other artists. I don’t know too many other artists right now that are single fathers and the mother is not around. If they are, they’re not promoting it,” states Sy. “That’s my story. That’s my lane. I represent for the single fathers.”

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Tracy T Is On A Mission To Get His Hustle Up In More Ways Than Just Music


In 2013, Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group imprint expanded its rap empire to include Atlanta by signing Tracy T, and the Decatur spitter parlayed the MMG association into an opening to command other elements of the entertainment and business worlds.

“I look at music as the first platform, and everything else comes after that. It’s all part of the beginning stages. I start with the music, and then it branches off to acting, endorsements, and other things,” conveys Tracy. “I don’t look at myself as being just a rapper. I’m trying to spread my wings and fly. I gotta be an eagle out here.”

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