AWICH – Queen Of Japanese Hip-Hop – Prepares For Global Domination

AWICH - Queen of Japanese Hip-Hop

AWICH is the queen of Japanese Hip-Hop and she is here to put a flag, marking her place in the culture.

Awich is beyond dope. She’s a beacon of light from Japan that shines all the way to Hip-Hop’s birthplace. The Okinawa-born Hip-Hop artist has had a long journey until this point and shows no signs of weakening. In fact, it seems like she is getting stronger and stronger. Her new album, Queendom, explores a number of topics, themes and sounds. One thing is for sure, she’s here to take her movement global.

It all began so simple, to quote her brothers from Staten Island.

Born Akiko (亜希子) Urasaki, took on a shorted version of her birth name’s meaning – Asia Wish Child. She grew up on Hip-Hop largely due to the presence of a U.S. military base in Okinawa. After gravitating to the likes of Tupac, she fell for Hip-Hop and the crush never ended. Oddly, she learned a lot of her English studying ‘Pac. She eventually moved to Atlanta after she graduated high school in Okinawa.

She soon was married with a child, but tragedy followed. Her American spouse was murdered and she found herself back in Japan, a college graduate and professional. Upon her return, she began to meld all of her senses, talents and experiences into her career.

Her first full album, 2017’s Yentown, which foreshadowed where we are today. Queendom, her latest, has Awich flowing in Japanese, Okinawan and English, with a sound that is destined to go global. Her perspective matches her sound and her ambition. The 30-something is no rookie and she is here to claim her space in the culture.

Chuck Creekmur aka Jigsaw and the Queen of Japanese Hip-Hop talk about all things Awich. Check out the video below.