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In today’s tech-frenzied environment, a hot enough app can be quickly acquired by a huge company and app developers are increasing becoming millionaires, almost overnight. We saw when Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion, yes a billion dollars for an app! Most recently we saw music moguls Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine take the Beats brand to the 3 billion dollar mark with tech giant Apple.

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Well has a hot app that might peak the interest, if not from tech giants, then from you, the app user. The approach is simple, providing a two-choice voting platform using photos, videos, and music. recently sat down with the founders of, Todd Jones, Vincent Plummer and Daron Destiny and they spoke on how their two-choice apps has works, and  how artist like Migos and DJ Khaled have come on to support the app.

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Watch our interview with Founders here:

Watch on how can work for you: