Big Boogie Reveals How DJ Drama “Gangsta Grillz” Collab Happened

AllHipHop spoke with Big Boogie in downtown Los Angeles about “BOP,” his love for dancing, the REDRUM Wizard (Gangsta Grillz) project with DJ Drama and more.

Big Boogie dropped “BOP” earlier this year. The track features CMG labelmate GloRilla, who both had a chance to rep their hometown of Frayser.

With more than one billion TikTok impressions, “BOP” became a viral sensation, showcasing Big Boogie’s contagious high energy and personality. 

“Keep in mind, Glo didn’t have a clue how the song was, the name of the song, none of that,” he tells AllHipHop. “I told her ‘I got a banger for you.’ She said ‘alright, send it.’ I called her on FaceTime, let her hear it. I played it, her head almost fell off her shoulders. I sent it to her, it came back and now it’s all over the world.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Big Boogie’s music, hit play on any of his bangers: “Pop Out,” “Thuggin” and “Left Right”— and they’ll potentially fall in love. Records such as “Mental Healing” speak volumes to his character and the trials and tribulations he’s been through, showing fans all around the world that they too can turn their dreams into a reality.

AllHipHop spoke with Big Boogie in downtown Los Angeles about “BOP,” his love for dancing, the REDRUM Wizard (Gangsta Grillz) project with DJ Drama and more.

You said GloRilla took 20 tries to get the “BOP” dance? 

Yeah, she made me mess up plenty of times. But TikTok made us even get with it more. We on stage, our dancers doing it. Everything we doing, the world doing it. Everybody, it don’t no matter what age you is. Everybody doing a dance, it’s fun to do. We made the word dance again. 

And you’ve been dancing since how old?

Since I was born. Ain’t gon’ lie, I was dancing before I saw anything.

Were there certain dancers you saw that made you want to do it? I remember the jerkin’ era…

Yeah, the jerk. A lot of rappers that dance, I see them. I see what they doing, but I jig more. Dancing is different from jigging. I jig. 

What’s jig?

Jigging is from Louisiana. You got swag, you bop. You bouncing everywhere. You jiggin’, you got vibes. That’s jiggin’. You dipping, you swagging. You rubbing your head, rolling. That’s jiggin’. 

Congrats on the new tape with DJ Drama for sure. What was the highlight from REDRUM Wizard?

I already had the songs ready. Drama, I DMed him just to get him flowers. But he was already on me though. “Yo, I was just thinking about you, talking about you two days ago.” Alright bet, let’s do it! Let’s make history.

Why’d you name it REDRUM WIZARD

REDRUM WIZARD because I’m a wizard. REDRUM, that’s my label. I’m the wizard of my whole camp. REDRUM is “murder” spelled backwards. It’s protecting family, it’s protecting the brand. Everything is serious on this end, that’s what that means.

How’s your mental health?

Good. I’m 100 percent good, always. Nothing that goes against my mental is not with me. Peace. I’m too young to be going through anything. 

Yo Gotti started taking you to nice restaurants. Do you prefer fine dining or fast food? 

Fast food. I’m starting to eat healthy. I ate a salad today [laughs]. It was from Chick-fil-A. I ate a sandwich right after that though, but I ate the salad first. 

Vegetables! Good job. 

Yeah you know. Tomatoes, all that. I’m on it.

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What did it mean to get your sister a car for Mother’s Day? 

It meant a lot because my sister goes through a lot. That’s my twin sister. Same daddy, same mama. She got three kids, she lost all her baby daddies. She lost our daddy, too. She only got me as a man in her life. I stepped up. She was crying and everything. I knew what it was gon’ be, but she deserved it though. If I’m driving good, she needs to drive good. 

How much family you have to take care of?

Not a lot, but I take care a lot. I’m the black sheep. Everybody gives my flowers. They praise me. They support me. They pray for me, they’re there. They do everything. Anything to keep me standing tall, they do it.

What are you praying for nowadays?

Better timing. Different vibes of life. Seeing different things, fresh mentals. More peace is all I’m praying for, I got everything else.