Black Rob’s Last Days: The Man That Took Black Rob In Now Talks.

The Last Days Of Black Rob

BR Lived With 1BAD AZZ DRUMMER When He Had Nowhere To Go…Now He Talks.

“I saw a broken, broken man.”

The end of his life, a few people took care of BR, one of them was Cricket aka 1BAD AZZ DRUMMER, a celebrity drummer than was booked for a show with the legendary Bad Boy Records rapper. As fate would have it, Cricket ended up taking care of Black Rob and helping give the star an opportunity to get back on his feet. He literally took the rap super star into his home, feed him, got his hair cuts and, more importantly, got him much needed medical attention. Moreover, he responds to the assertion that Black Rob was addicted to drugs or over-consuming alcohol.

This provocative interview, lead by Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur is revealing and debunks much of the speculation surrounding the death of a bright star know as Black Rob.

Black Rob’s Last Days: What Happened? Jay-Z’s Donation! The Beef? The Documentary! Kal Dawson Talks!