Denzel Washington Comic C. King Gets Gigs With Two Legendary Entertainers

C.King does a most amazing job at impersonating Denzel Washington

C.King does a most amazing job at impersonating Denzel Washington, but he’s not stopping there as the viral sensation is now a part of the Wild N’ Out Family.

Meet C. King, the brilliant, emergung comedian, actor, and producer known widely for his hilarious Denzel Washington impressions. Joining the esteemed ranks of Season 19, he’s now a cherished member of Nick Cannon’s long-running comedy show “Wild ‘N Out.”

C. King’s comedic pursuits began in high school and eventually led him to local productions in New York City. A charismatic host, he graced numerous events like the Church of Laugh, Kingdom Choice Awards and The Ology, leaving audiences in stitches with his infectious humor.

Social media helped C. King expand his reach and thanks to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, he’s garnered immense popularity. Now, he’s collaborated with icons like KevOnStage Studios, Def Comedy Jam, now “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out.” AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur caught up with C. King and he revealed that he’s got so much more in store.

AllHipHop: C. King, I must say, I’m a huge fan of yours, especially your Denzel impersonations. Can you tell us how you developed that? Who were your inspirations for doing impressions, specifically Denzel Washington?

C. King: My first impression was actually Dave Chappelle, but as I started watching different comedians like Reggie Reg, Dean Edwards, Arie Spears, Jay Pharoah, London Brown, and others, I saw them doing Denzel impressions. I was inspired to do it too because Denzel’s mannerisms and style really hit differently. I started watching interviews and speeches of Denzel, I was able to go a little bit deeper, to capture his essence and go beyond just mimicking other impressions. (Seemlessly goes into Denzel mode) And a lot of people will say, “That sounds like Denzel doing a Denzel impression but I said I wanna sound more like him in general. You gotta do a a couple blinks, you gotta do the lip….” The lip is essential.

AllHipHop: At the “Fences” premiere, I had the opportunity to interview Denzel for just 30 seconds, but in that short time, he shared so much wisdom about being a man. It went viral for me, and now I’m hoping for a part two where I can talk to him about that topic again.

C. King: If you can’t get Denzel to do it, I’m hoping that he may call me and say “Hey this is what I want you to say. I want you to say in my voice. That would be an epic moment. He might says something like “True desire in the heart for anything good is God‘s proof to use it beforehand to indicate that it’s already yours.”

AllHipHop: [Laughs}

There’s times when I’ve had to watch speeches and interviews, and I’m like this man is cooking. His mind and how he moves and how he applies his knowledge to every day living [is amazing] When he was talking about “Fences” being so cultural, when he was talking about fake news and how people … his mind is mentorship. He’s mine is mentorship for sure. 

AllHipHop: You mentioned being involved in something with Denzel. Can you provide more details about that project?

C. King: I’m not his official voiceover guy yet. But just recently, I’m happy about it, I just got called to do overdubs for “Equalizer 3.” So if y’all hear a point when you’re watching the movie, because your going to watch the movie. OK? It’s the first sequel to Denzel‘s ever done. Denzel’s never done a part two or part three to anything. Equalizer 3, I got called in the studio to do overdubs. If somebody ever says that you’re doing too much of one thing, never listen. There’s a lane, there’s a specific lane for everybody. I do all types of stuff, I act, I sing, no dance, but impressions was such a lane for me. It created and opened doors that people can’t fathom.

AllHipHop: Mastery is everything. Apart from your Denzel impressions, what other projects are you working on?

C. King: I just finished acting in a movie called “Dope Kings.” Currently, I’m also working with an acting coach, Tracey Moore, as I aim to explore opportunities in New York sitcoms or series. Additionally, I’m putting together a one-man show with a band. I believe in utilizing all my talents, and while Denzel impressions opened many doors for me, I’m grateful to God for guiding me along this journey. It’s only God that I’m here, bro.

AllHipHop: How has it been working with Nick Cannon on “Wild ‘N Out”? Can you share any jokes or funny moments?

C. King: Oh, you already know we’re talking about Nick Cannon and his many babies. As many babies as he has, that’s as many seasons, as we’re going to have [for Wild N’ Out]. It’s a beautiful thing to see that he’s confident in the children that he has. He’s not afraid to be a father. He steps to the plate at home and also on stage. I would say there are differences between bosses and leaders. Bosses is just delegate. Nick is a leader, he’ll sit down and tell us to “try this, try that.” I think that that’s great that’s leadership. That’s awesome leadership. Nobody can say anything bad about Nick in my eyes.