Cast Of Super Turnt Talk Hollywood, Hip-Hop, And Overcoming Obstacles

Super Turnt

“Super Turnt” is the latest in a series of movies by film maker Mann Robinson. Read More!

A lot of amazing things are happening in film, TV and streaming. And the pandemic has allowed for this growth to occur exponentially for Black people. Mann Robinson knows this all too well, as he continues to pump out movies. His latest has entertained the masses, but also kept a slew of actors creating too.

“Super Turnt” is the sequel to the 2020 film “Turnt,” which was produced, written, directed by Robinson. The movie also stars Jamal “Gravy” Woolard and actor/rapper Torrei Hart. Legendary actor Harry Lennix lends his thespian skills as well to further authenticate the movie.

The movie chronicles street rapper and drug kingpin Rilla (Woolard) as he leaves prison to cope with the harsh, complicated truths of the real world, Hart plays a persuasive record label owner Rita Robinson who wants Rilla to get back in the booth. The issues are numerous from straight killers to baby moms to crooked cops.

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talks to the cast and gets there unique perspective on the state of affairs in music, Hollywood, TV, streaming and more. Woolard, who played Biggie Smalls in “Notorious,” even has a special message for Jay-Z.

Robinson’s work includes “Turnt” (2020),“His Hers & the Truth” (2019), “Justice on Trial” (2020), “Troubled Waters” (2020), “Homelessness is not a Crime” (2020), and upcoming projects “A Love to Die For,” “Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas” and numerous others that are forthcoming.

“Super Turnt” and “Turnt” are available on Amazon Prime and TUBI TV.