EXCLUSIVE: Mack Wilds Talks BET Awards, Sevyn Streeter Dating Rumors, & The Making Of His "Henny (Remix)"


(AllHipHop Features) In part 2 of AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Hip Hop artist Mack Wilds, the alum of HBO’s classic crime drama The Wire discusses some of his star-studded collaborations with other New York City based rap acts.

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The conversation took place prior to the recent release of Maino’s “All About You,” but Wilds speaks on working with the self-described “King of Brooklyn” for the track. The New York: A Love Story album creator later reflects on how his posse cut “Henny (Remix)” with Busta Rhymes, French Montana, and Mobb Deep came together.

Wilds also addresses the rumors that he is dating “It Won’t Stop” songstress Sevyn Streeter, what 2014 singles he has enjoyed the most so far, and his BET Award nomination for Best New Artist. To find out his thoughts on his debut album, covering Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time,” the most crazed fan of The Wire he has ever encountered, and more – check out part 1 of the Mack Wilds AHH interview here.

On your Instagram page, you put up a picture of you and Maino in the studio. Were you guys working on a track?

Maino is my big bro. He’s one of the guys that first embraced me with the music stuff. We got in the studio and just started vibing out with a common idea for something to drop for the summer time. We did something that’s pretty dope.

Speaking of collaborations, what about you working with Sevyn Streeter?

That may come into play as well. Sevyn is an amazing writer, and an all around amazing person. I think me and her would create magic.

That video of her giving you a lap dance reignited a lot of the talk about you two as a couple. Did you want to speak on that?

She’s an amazing girl. She’s a great writer, artist… and a great dancer as well – if you did watch the video. [laughs] But nah, we’re not together. But she is very attractive, don’t get it twisted.

What have been some of your favorite songs that you’ve heard so far this year?

“Trophies” has been amazing. Drake has been consistently dropping heat. This dude is killing right now. August [Alsina] is a beast. Troy Ave, that’s the homie. When he came out with “My Style” – he’s a fool for that one. There’s a lot of stuff out there.

I just love that it feels like real music is coming back. Even artists like SZA. We haven’t seen anybody like SZA… her vibe reminds me of Erykah Badu, but her voice is just light, smooth. It’s dope. I feel like we’re in a really great place with music right now. I’m excited. I feel like I’m a part of one of the dope periods in music right now.

You mentioned August Alsina. He’s one of the people also nominated for the BET Best New Artist award. That category is stacked. What do you think you’re chances are of taking that award home?

I don’t know. Just like you said, the odds are pretty stacked. So many of my people are in this. Honestly, I’d be cool if I didn’t get it. I can’t even sit here and front like, “I’m the dopest.” My boy Schoolboy Q is on there, August. There’s so many people that I really mess with in real life, so whoever gets it, gets it. I’m not going to front and say I don’t want it, but whoever gets it, gets it.

Is it possible we could see you perform at the BET awards?

I hope so. I’m thinking of art direction right now just in case they ask me. Who knows? If you do see me on that stage, it’s going to be fun though. I promise you that.

You have your own track “Henny (Remix)” that you released. That’s been a big record, particularly for New York Hip Hop. How did that collaboration come together?

When I tell you it came together the weirdest, most organic way ever. I feel like God stepped in and pushed everybody together. What happened was French originally wanted to do something with me. He wanted to get on something, but it seemed like it was way too many people on “Own It” at the time. So after awhile he asked, “What’s the next single?” I told him it’s going to be a song called “Henny.” He said, “Send me that,” and I sent it to him.

Maybe a week or two later Havoc – who helped produced it – said, “Me and Prodigy are going to do something to it as well. I got you.” Then Busta Rhymes came to me in the club maybe a week later and said, “I don’t care who’s on that ‘Henny’ track. I’m on it. And I’m going to keep it one hundred with you. It’s better to tell me who’s on it right now, or I’m just going to put out one of my own and just body everybody.” I was just like, “Alright you got it.” It literally came together just like that.

You have the song “Henny.” You also talk about drinking on other songs on your album like “Sober Up.” So, how many shots does it take to make Mack Wilds tap out?

You’re going to need upwards of like seven or eight. Once we get past that, you’re walking into unknown territory. So who knows what could happen.


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