EXCLUSIVE: Mothers Of Mac Dre And Tupac Help Each Other Cope With Loss


(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (March 22nd) AllHipHop spoke in-depth with Mac Dre’s mother, Mac Wanda about her son, his legacy and his new documentary that released on iTunes, Amazon and LegendOfTheBay.com.

In the interview Mac Wanda broke down her relationship with Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur.  She revealed that she’s spent some time with Afeni as they both try to make sense of the loss of their rapper sons.

“Afeni and I have become friends. She’s invited me to her home a couple of times and she and I have compared stories and notes on what our sons have gone through. She and her daughter continue to coach me in this business,” Mac Wanda explained.

Mac Dre’s mother said the two speak on a regular basis and help each other cope with their respective losses.

“Ever since Andre’s death it has grown and has not stopped growing. I’ve had to come out of my mourning and grief and handle the business, so I’ve been getting a lot of coaching from her on how to handle this. I haven’t talked to Biggie’s mother, but I talk to Afeni on a regular basis,” Mac Wanda said.

Wanda Mac

“The first time we met, we sat together just the two of us and we just talked about what she’s gone through and what I’m going through. She’s been where I’m going and for me to sit and listen to her tell me her story and the things she’s gone through, how she’s coped, I can totally identify.”

In addition to Afeni, Mac Wanda has had contact with a host of rappers that idolize and pay homage to her son. Most recently G-Eazy brought her out on stage with his mother at a local concert.

Part of coping with losing her son Andre aka Mac Dre has been dealing with rumors, street violence and unwanted media attention over the years .

From the retaliatory killings of Fat Tone for Mac Dre’s murder to the high-profile court cases of Mac Minister, Mac Wanda has seen it all in the media after her son was killed.

“I really didn’t have contact with any of those people and I know I’ve read about a lot of that stuff, and I’ve heard about it.  I don’t know who those people were, but I may have met them somewhere in the past, I just don’t remember meeting them,” Wanda Mac recalled.

“But when I heard about all that stuff yea there was an impact. All the stories and the theories about who did what to whom, who got killed, and how the streets took care of this and that. You know, yea it gets emotional every time it gets brought up,” Wanda Mac said of the beef between Mac Dre’s associates in Kansas City and in The Bay Area.

In 2010 rapper Mac Minister lost his attempt to appeal his life sentence after he was convicted of murdering Kansas City rapper Anthony “Fat Tone Watkins and another man.

Mac Minister and Mathis allegedly lured Fat Tone and Cowboy to Las Vegas with the promise of meeting rapper Snoop Dogg.

Police believe Fat Tone and Germaine “Cowboy” Atkins were murdered in Las Vegas in May of 2005, as retaliation for the 2004 killing of Mac Dre.