EXCLUSIVE: OG Maco Explains Why He’s Unbothered By Rumors A Future Fan “Hacked” OGMaco.com


In the wake of the media firestorm over OG Maco’s tweets mentioning Future and the DS2 creator’s response, rumors began circulating someone confiscated Maco’s website and offered the domain name up to the highest bidder as revenge on behalf of the #FutureHive.

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For days, OGMaco.com included a message the site was up for sale. A photo of Future featured on the web page led to speculation the Dungeon Family affiliate was involved in trolling Maco. It turns out Future had nothing to do with the situation, and the owner of the site did not hack Maco nor was he even a fan of the “F*ck Up Some Commas” rhymer.


That still left the question as to why OG Maco did not have control of OGMaco.com before the domain sale went viral. AllHipHop.com spoke with the Atlanta-based rapper about the hoopla over the website, and Maco clarifies he did not have any connection to the page.

“What no one realizes is OGMaco.com was never my website. It was never meant to be my website. We never bought the domain name, so they didn’t hack my site,” explains Maco. “As soon as ‘U Guessed It’ blew up, somebody bought OGMaco.com and MacoMattox.com. MacoMattox.net was always going to be my page.”

A person identified as Tom Kane was reportedly the individual selling OGMaco.com. Kane was seeking $5,000 cash/$10,000 bitcoin for the domain name, and he even offered a 20% discount to “a person or entity named OG Maco.”

Despite the reduced price, Kane did not seem to be a supporter of OG. He told Noisey:

This Maco individual was saying a lot of things on tour about people being stupid and him being able to manipulate 40 million minds because of song choices, which makes him seem like he is almighty. So, you would think for someone to talk like that, they would be smart enough to own their own name, but clearly they don’t. So, we kind of used his remarks as a window to remind people that you should probably clean your own house before you get to somebody else’s house and start calling it dirty.

Maco saw Kane’s interview. He addressed the comments while speaking with AllHipHop.com.

“I seen the guy talking to Noisey. He’s an idiot, because he thinks he did something to me,” says Maco. “He thinks he’s hurting me, but I would never buy a domain I never intended to use.”

As far as the perceived issues with Future, Maco discloses the two A-Town representatives cleared the air about any misconceptions they  may have had about each other. And for those conspiracy theorists claiming the entire ordeal was an elaborate publicity stunt to draw attention to Future’s new album, Maco shoots down those allegations.

“I wish me and Future had a plan like that. That would be awesome, because that means there’s a tape somewhere,” jokes Maco. “What makes it so funny is that everybody looks at the negative comments, but nobody looks at the first thing I said was, ‘I love Future.’ I got Dirty Sprite 2 on my phone right now. I bought the deluxe edition. I’ve been a Future fan since 1000.

OG Maco1

Maco also returned to Twitter to let the world know he spoke directly with Future and it is time for everyone to move past pitting them against one another. But that has not stopped people on social media from still believing Future fired back at Maco via a “hacked” website.

“It’s really funny to watch people be so ignorant and so hate driven that they would really think, ‘Oh yeah, Future got you.’ They really think Future did it,” states Maco. “Like Future would be that petty to buy my website. That’s so funny. He could just come to an event and try to ball on me. He wouldn’t go through the process of buying my domain name and putting up that lame ass joke.”

The OGG delegate adds, “That was some suburbanite white kid who thought it was funny. But it was really inconsequential to me, because OG Maco dies at the end of this year. I don’t care about the OG Maco name. I’m Maco Mattox.”

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Listen to OG Maco’s self-described Future inspired track “Sposed” below.