EXCLUSIVE: Stream Kool G Rap & Necro (The Godfathers) – “Once Upon A Crime” LP


(AllHipHop Exclusive) “Hip Hop sucks now, and it needed us do something because of it’s crappy a** state,” says producer/rapper Necro. The leading force in Death Rap hooked up with his all-time favorite emcee, Kool G Rap, to release the new collaborative album Once Upon A Crime.

The two life-long New Yorkers got together one day in Queens and over glasses of Hennessy decided it was the perfect time to combine Necro’s dark, grimy production with G Rap’s signature street rhymes for a full length body of work. The result was tracks like “Black Medicine” and “American Sickos” which provide macabre imagery while cuts such as “Gangsta” and “Trigga 4 Hire” incorporate classic mobster references.

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“It wasn’t put together in a way that it was a collision,” explains G Rap. “It was like certain songs we’re gonna go this direction and certain songs we’re gonna go more in a Mafioso direction.”

When two legends of the game come together for a project it’s more than just an album. It’s an event. To commemorate that distinguished partnership G Rap and Necro are providing their fans a choice of 4 different album packages to purchase.

The “Joe Pesci Krills Pack” includes the album, 7 art panels, and the 28-page lyric booklet. The “Roy Demeo Yao Pack” includes an autographed CD. The “Guy Fisher Smack Pack” also comes with a T-shirt, beanie, sticker, and poster. Those customers that ante up $100 for the “Gotti Crystal Meth Pack” will get the items above as well as a hoodie, fitted cap, autographed booklet, and a personal thank you from Necro in his next solo album.

The package extras are exclusive bonus items that fans will definitely appreciate, but the most valuable part of Once Upon A Crime is of course the music. Necro is proud to point out that the album is for those listeners who treasure high quality songs created by two of rap’s supremely skilled artisans.

“We were not trying to get it done off some Chef Boyardee s**t where you just open the can and heat it up,” says Necro. “This is more Hibachi. Some Benihana s**t. Some true tempura Hip Hop.”

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The Godfathers’ Once Upon A Crime will be released tomorrow November 19th. To preorder the album visit www.necroproduct.com.

Stream the Once Upon A Crime album below.