Exclusive: Tha Chill of Compton’s Most Wanted Checks In From Prison

Compton’s Most Wanted member and Co-Founder, Tha Chill (also known as MC Chill), made urban gossip headlines in early 2012 when it was reported that he was arrested on domestic abuse charges. One site even went as far as to describe it as him “beating his girlfriend half to death.” Recently, Chill reached out to […]

Compton’s Most Wanted member and Co-Founder, Tha Chill (also known as MC Chill), made urban gossip headlines in early 2012 when it was reported that he was arrested on domestic abuse charges. One site even went as far as to describe it as him “beating his girlfriend half to death.” Recently, Chill reached out to AllHipHop.com from prison in Norco, CA to tell us his story of what really happened. Chill also updates us on why the 1st Generation group was put on hold (and yes, it has to do with members going in and out of jail). Hopefully everybody can get out and stay out because that would be a nice album project of West Coast legends and veterans. The Compton rapper also released a new album on iTunes in September called Chillstrumentals, a mixture of unreleased songs and instrumentals from his catalogue. Stay up, Chill.

AllHipHop.com: How did you really end up in the Norco CRC Prison?

Tha Chill: There’s been a bunch of rumors and all types of sh*t said about what happened, saying that I beat my b*tch up and all types of crazy sh*t. I’m in here for a simple probation violation. I was on five year suspended sentence probation. Me and my b*tch were arguing and the neighbor called the cops and I was arrested two months later because I had come in contact with the police. I was at the house chilling and they arrested me. I was thinking that I was going to get right out but I violated my probation. In California if you are on probation and you come in to contact with the Police, that’s a violation of your probation. I have to finish my suspended sentence but they are only having me do eighty percent of it.

AllHipHop.com: I had read reports on various gossip sites that you had beat up your girlfriend.

Tha Chill: It was a simple argument. The neighbors called the cops and we were in the front yard talking sh*t. My girl didn’t call the Police on me – it was the neighbors. We didn’t even know that they had called the Police – we left. I didn’t know any of this until two months later. The cops showed up at my doorstep with a felony warrant and I’m like, “For what?” They told me that it was because the cops were called on me and I was on suspended sentence probation.

AllHipHop.com: Man, they can take you in as easily as that?

Tha Chill: Yeah, it was something I learned. Instead of fighting it, and with my prior record, it was worth it to take the deal just to get it out of the way, so that’s what I’m doing now. I’m just sitting here and getting it over with so I can get out and not be on probation anymore.

AllHipHop.com: How much time have you officially served already?

Tha Chill: I’ve been down for two years and I’ve got one more to officially go. Time is ticking and I’m getting this sentence behind me. I miss my family, my kids and making my music.

AllHipHop.com: How are you holding up inside there?

Tha Chill: I’m in here doing my thing, with the whole Hub to Dub car (Compton & Watts). A lot of people recognize me but they know that I’m a street dude first before a rapper. Nobody’s trying to step to me or be on some bullsh*t. There be sh*t happening but I’m not involved in any of that sh*t.

AllHipHop.com: What’s your Prison day like?

Tha Chill: I wake up at 4 a.m. and do about a thousand push-ups, brush my teeth, take a shower, and shave my head. Go eat some food like oatmeal with an apple pie. I’ll go chill with the homies and see what’s up with them for a minute. I’ll watch some news, TMZ, and Wendy Williams. Then I’ll go work out some more and then work on my Compton’s Most Wanted book that I’m trying to put out. I’d love to make a movie about it when I get out. It’s the story of me and MC Eiht on our beginnings and how we got to this point. I think my story can encourage people whether they are in Prison or on the streets and help them to stay out of trouble and how the California system works.

AllHipHop.com: Are you able to make any kind of music at all in there? I’ve spoken to several artists who were incarcerated and some even had access to recording equipment.

Tha Chill: They have programs in Church. I play drums for a band. There are real talented people in here that unfortunately will never see the streets. We have fun together and I’ve learned a lot from these guys. There are drum machines and other instruments in here but you can’t just go get them whenever you want them.

AllHipHop.com: Your camp recently released a new album from you called Chillstrumentals that’s on iTunes.

Tha Chill: My partner has a lot of the music that I’ve made and he convinced me to not let it sit while I’m in here. We put together some stuff from my catalogue to make an album and secured distribution through Empire. I reached out to the people on my Facebook and asked for suggestions on a title and so many responded. One of them hit me on my inbox and suggested Chillstrumentals. I thought it was good idea to do something like Pete Rock and play a beat before a song comes on. I also put some cuts from my 1st Generation(includes Kurupt, Jayo Felony, King T, Sir Jinx, MC Eiht, DJ Battlecat, Gangsta) group on there to just let people know that we still plan on rocking together. We just all want to be present. I want people to hear my talents as a Producer. A lot of people think that I just rap. Then there are those that think that I just produce and don’t rap. Chillstrumentals is just a reminder to people while I’m away of what I can still do.

AllHipHop.com: I’m glad that 1st Generation is still in the plans because I honestly gave up on it.

Tha Chill: Nah, what happened was Gangsta (formerly of Tha Comrads) went to jail and we were waiting on him to get out. Then Jayo Felony went to jail too. It’s crazy because I’m trying to keep all of my homies out of jail and I end up here. We’ve got priors and that’s California for you. I spoke with the other members and we decided that we are still going to do it but we need everybody present for it.