Three Questions With Kenn Starr


Virginia rapper Kenn Starr began to build a following back in 2006 with his debut Starr Status. Not long after the album grabbed the attention of Hip Hop fans and media, the Low Budget Crew member’s label folded. The set back halted Starr’s musical progress, but he eventually found a new label home at indie powerhouse Mello Music Group.

Even with a new business situation, the DMV artist’s meticulous approach to crafting a project caused more time to elapse between albums. Before he knew it, 9 years had passed. Fortunately, 2015 finally saw the return of the man also known as Kenneth Cold with the 13-track LP Square One.

Starr teamed back up with his fellow Low Budget comrade Kev Brown to handle half of the production on Square One. For Starr, working with the Maryland maestro again was a no-brainer. He credits Brown with bringing out the best in him like on the previous cuts “Relentless” and “Another Day.”

The new album also features beats by Black Milk, 14KT,  Roddy Rod, and Kaimbr. Square One includes guest appearances by Sean Born, Melanie Rutherford, Hassaan Mackey, yU, Wordsworth, and Supastition as well. connected with Kenn Starr for participation in the “Three Questions” series. As part of the interview, Two Nz Two Rz names his picks for the greatest Hip Hop representatives from DC/Maryland/Virginia and shares advice to some rap hopefuls struggling to find their way.

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Who would you put on the Mt. Rushmore of DMV Hip Hop?

Kev Brown and Diamond District (Oddisee, Uptown XO & yU) because they’re dope as hell, and I gotta represent my folks.

If you could possess the powers of any superhero for one day, who would you pick and what would you do for that day?

Superman. Between flying, x-ray vision and being invincible, I would do whatever the hell I wanted for that day. Who’s gonna tell me otherwise?

Can you share one lesson for “dumb rappers” about the definition of making it happen rapping?

Take pride in your craft! Regardless of what lane you’re in, put some genuine effort and sincerity into how you present yourself. It goes a long way!

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