Fijimacintosh Talks Cyber-Pop Rap, Recalls Teaching Cousin Trippie Redd To Make Music


Trippie Redd says that his cousin Fijimacintosh introduced him to music and helped him mold his 1400 sound…

Fijimacintosh has a name that sounds like apples, but his story and sound are so much deeper than a catchy name….

Recently Ohio-bred and Atlanta-raised rapper Fijimacintosh took the time to speak with AllHipHop about his rise to fame and popularity alongside Trippie Redd and his 1400 movement.

Known for helping refine the Cyber or Hyper Pop sound that’s taken over HIp-Hop in the 2020’s, Fiji is often credited with helping grow the sound that has defined rapper Trippie Redd’s music and worldwide fandom.

Take a look as we dive into Fijimacintosh’s musical career recalling how he and his first cousin Trippie Redd began making music among other things. This is an origins story from the name to the music to the movement that has become so recognizable.

AllHipHop: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from…

Fijimacintosh: I was like raised in Atlanta basically yeah I’ve been doing music since I was four years old and it’s my life basically yeah it’s everything all right it’s everything

AllHipHop: So let’s just get this out the way, everybody knows your family, you know your family with Trippie Redd, right?

Fijimacintosh: You know I mean I’m like one of the main reason why he makes music today. Yeah, I really didn’t expect like, you don’t expect something to happen like it did, but it’s destined for us cuz we’re superstars so yeah I didn’t expect it to be so you know crazy for bro but sh*t I’m proud!

 I was the kid in a family like doing music, and cuz he was really into it, yeah I was in Atlanta and I was taking sh*t seriously and he seen that sh*t like man. I could do that s### too bro he was two years older than me like man I wouldn’t do that s### too and he used to call me every day like bro this sh*t is hard. I’d give him you know advice and he ended up coming down to record and be with me for a very very long period of time. Yeah and we like you know built a sound that’s like present today and everyone is using.

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